Lack of Flash not hurting iPad sales with 2 million sold in under 60 days

Lack of Flash not hurting iPad sales with 2 million sold in under 60 days

Summary: iPad continues to dominate, but Android and WebOS-based tablets could challenge it soon enough.


If you thought that the iPad really didn't have a market, check out the latest press release from Apple. According to the company, it has now sold more than two million iPads in less than 60 days. That latest number includes the iPad WiFi and iPad 3G, and presumably the new international sales in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK, which only started selling this past weekend.

In addition to the over 2 million served announcement, Apple mentioned that more than 5,000 iPad-specific apps are now available on the App Store.

“Customers around the world are experiencing the magic of iPad, and seem to be loving it as much as we do,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO.

Two million is a lot of iPads and I'm definitely in shock that so many have sold in such a short amount of time. You also have to love the timing of this press release, given that the international launch just happened. It cleverly isn't stating how many of the two million are due to international purchase, but still, two million is a heck of a lot of iPads. I'm sure we'll get more fine-tuned numbers at the WWDC.

I have to admit that even though I had my doubts about the iPad, I'm now the owner of an iPad 3G and it definitely fits in with my lifestyle. Granted, there are plenty of times when I could just take my MacBook, but the fact that the iPad 3G is so light and portable makes it a must-have travel companion with me when I'm on the road or even out for a quick meeting. Would I switch to a Windows 7 tablet? Not likely, but I would give a WebOS-based one, or an Android one a second look. I'm sure I'm not in the minority either, so Apple better continue to innovate on the iPad front to keep it well ahead of the pack.

If you're still hoping to get your hands on an iPad and they're currently sold out in your area, have no fear. Steve Jobs is promising that there are more on the way:

“We appreciate their patience, and are working hard to build enough iPads for everyone.”

Even with all of the hype surrounding the lack of flash, it seems that sales of the iPad aren't slowing down any time soon.

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  • RE: Lack of Flash not hurting iPad sales with 2 million sold in under 60 days

    Oh brother. Did you read the article?
    First, it's not just Apple's stuff that Foxconn makes.
    Second, Foxconn is apparently one of the *best* places to work in China (not that that is saying much I suppose).
    Third, Foxconn's suicide rate is much lower than the overall China average.
    In other words: Stop spreading FUD.
  • Another IDIOT with the Foxcomm crap.

    Are you ashamed of always displaying how stupid you really are?? Or is your brain just limited to accepting the bare minimum amount of info (like titles only) while ignoring everything else??

    It is not like the Foxcomm facts haven't being discussed for weeks now.

    Dude, either get some professional help or start getting some education at one of the local schools for the mentally challenged.
  • ZDNet needs to remove the CPA??? crap

    Sorry, ZDNet but I refuse to expose my computer to viruses and trojans just to read your web pages.

    Your new ad from CPAwhatever is desperately trying to convince me to disable all my security and ad-blocking measures that keeps my browsing safe.

    If ZDNet continues to use this crap, I will just move on to other more secure websites. I probably won't be the only one. What is better, users with security or no users at all?
    • YES!!! it blocks the article even when I turn EVERYTHING OFF

      @wackoae: and when I opened this article on Opera there was <b>outrageous audio/video advertisement AUTORAN. And even when it ended, the damn ad script kept the page half dim and would NOT let me to page-down or browse lower any other way to actually READ DAMN ARTICLE.</b>
      • ZDNet needs to turn off all but basic html for the talkback posts. A couple

        of days ago, there was one that re-directed to another site.
    • RE: Lack of Flash not hurting iPad sales with 2 million sold in under 60 days

      I generally don't agree with your posts, but you are 100 percent right on this.
      NoScript regularly warns me about potential XSS attempts (by Doubleclick, I think).
      There is TOO much Flash and JavaScript garbage on the net. Maybe Apple is right on this.
  • NONSENCE; Apple is just portion of F-n customers: Dell, Sony, Nintendo, etc

    @NonZealot: the subject. And yes, <b>workers at Foxconn get payed much better than most of millions of Chenese workers which produce polluted antigreen trash which later called Gateway or cheap models of HP and Dell</b>.
  • To all the idiots defending Apple

    @AppleZealots<br>Wow, I even copy and pasted it so you lazy idiots wouldn't have to click on a link. <b>This is only happening at Foxconn plants that make Apple products</b> and it is happening as a direct result of Apple's instructions on how to treat the workers. While Foxconn workers in general might be better off than the average Chinese, Foxconn workers who work on Apple products are much [b]worse[/b] off than Foxconn workers who work on non-Apple products.<br><br>Read the article, it will help make you look slightly less idiotic (though just barely). This is 100 percent Apple's fault.
    • Goods produced at the **same** plant; Nintendo plans to investigate

      @NonZealot: Apple specifically has nothing to do with it at all.
    • Are you stupid or just pretending?

      It is not like this issue wasn't discussed to death before.

      Now the same stupid idiot tries to bring it back with the same debunked misinformation as before.

      Are you ashamed by now that you always come out looking like an idiot???
    • @denis: your stupidity knows no bounds!!

      [i]Goods produced at the **same** plant; Nintendo plans to investigate[/i]

      So Nintendo has their products built at Apple's secret plant? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Read the article. The blame is all Apple's.
    • @wackoe: You are the idiot

      <i>same debunked misinformation as before.</i><br><br>That article I linked to has never been debunked. When I posted a link to it, the response of you Apple zealots was to tell me that you wanted to "pass" on responding to that article and then accused me of stalking.<br><br>So, for the sake of argument, please post this "debunking". It should be really easy for you since, according to you, the debunking has already been posted so many times. Just need to copy and paste it, assuming your Internet browsing platform supports copy and paste. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!
    • Actually...

      Nowhere does that artIcle state that this is only happening at Foxconn plants that make Apple products. Further, it specifically states that Apple has complained about the treatment of the workers at Foxconn plants, quite the opposite of what you claim.

      You should read the articles you link to; perhaps then you won't look so foolish.
  • @msalzberg: You are just as stupid as the rest of them

    [i]Nowhere does that artIcle state that this is only happening at Foxconn plants that make Apple products[/i]

    Then it should be REALLY easy for you to find cases where Dell has asked for unparalleled secrecy and where Foxconn workers working on Dell products have been beaten and murdered. Unless you are lying... which you do tend to do a lot.

    [i]Further, it specifically states that Apple has complained about the treatment of the workers at Foxconn plants[/i]

    LOL, I never pictured you as being quite so naive. Oh well, I learned something new about you today. Apple can release whatever press releases they want and while you might lap it up like a good little doggy, their actions are more representative of how they really feel. They [b]asked[/b] for all of this:
    [i]reports of security staff antagonizing employees in wake of [b]Apple's demand for unparalleled secrecy[/b] at the plant[/i]
    • I see...

      So you complete mischaracterize the substance of an article that you yourself linked to, and your only defense is to call me "stupid" and "naive?"
  • Much better title: Lack of Windows not hurting iPad sales.

    The masses could care less about Win32 on a tablet.
  • Balthor---Linux has changed

    elive is a linux OS that can be run from a USB pendrive.I ran it right from the CD and it worked.I even got this Linux to download and operate a few Microsoft type programs.You download the ISO file then extract it to a CD with a program like Nero ISO burn.There is no Casper persistence file here.The USB installation might need the elive Unetbootin program to install it.As for the Linux boot up---it's too tedious,too much computer knowledge is needed.The elive default settings at boot up are fine.Just boot to elive.It runs from a CD is really cool to me.It runs from a CD means that you do not have to install it.It's really clicky at the boot up.Just like the way you always thought computers should run.
    • RE: Lack of Flash not hurting iPad sales with 2 million sold in under 60 days

      @BALTHOR And what does this have to do with the ipad or flash? Not ONE DAMNED THING! You Linux people need to quit spamming.
  • @mystalker: Didn't think so

    <i>Then it should be REALLY easy for you to find cases where Dell has asked for unparalleled secrecy and where Foxconn workers working on Dell products have been beaten and murdered</i><br><br>Wow, I <b>never</b> would have predicted that you couldn't back up your statements. Oh, wait, yes, I did predict it.<br><br><i>your only defense is to call me "stupid" and "naive?"</i><br><br>No, I called you naive because you admitted to all of us that you swallow Apple's press releases without any question. Tell us all, do you swallow press releases from all multi-national, multi-billion $$$/year mega-corporations or is Apple the only one lucky enough to take advantage of your extreme naivet?<br><br>When you come up with something better than <i>You are wrong because Apple says so</i>, then we can talk about my "defenses".<br><br>Idiot. <img border="0" src="" alt="happy">
    • RE: Lack of Flash not hurting iPad sales with 2 million sold in under 60 days

      @NonZealot This is the only non-flagged post of your I could comment on...<br><br>From the link you posted above: <b>Last week we reported on a shocking expose conducted by the Chinese newspaper Southern Weekly which revealed harsh working conditions at a Foxconn plant that assembles iPods, iPads, and more</b> the key point here is the "and more" part - which does not limit what that particular plant assembles to Apple only products. But don't let facts stop you. This quote is also from the same article: <b>It is important to consider that Apple is certainly not the only company whose products are manufactured by Chinese employees reportedly working in poor conditions. Intel, Nintendo, Sony, Dell, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, and Amazon are among Foxconn's other customers. </b>

      But - imagine that - you posting a link to an anti-Apple article... go figure. I'd never for once think YOU of all people would post to an obviously biased site.../ sarcasm