Lowe's improving online tools and rolling out iPhones

Lowe's improving online tools and rolling out iPhones

Summary: I have been using mobile technology to help me with my home improvement jobs and it sounds like Lowe's will soon be making some site upgrades and hardware purchases to help out customers.

TOPICS: iPhone, CXO, Mobility

I pride myself on being quite the handy man and as an engineer by profession it seems my family and friends expect me to be able to fix anything. Lowe's is one of my favorite stores to visit for hardware, tools, materials, paint, and more and I just read over on Bloomberg that they are going to help me out with some major improvements to the entire home improvement and repair experience.

MyLowes online

Lowe's will be introducing the MyLowes online tool that will let you store owner's manuals, warranties and paint formulas for future reference. I hate storing the thick manuals that come with tools (I can't even find most of them anymore) and over the last few years I have just been using Google to find them. It's great that Lowe's will soon allow me to have a central repository for these manuals and I look forward to trying out that system.

We also paint quite a bit in our house and I like the idea of having the paint formulas stored in a central place too. It sounds like you will be able to have room-by-room profiles, which is a great feature. I would also love to have a storage place for receipts to make the return/exchange scenario easier because I tend to overbuy during visits so I don't have to make multiple trips during larger projects.

iPhone implementation

Bloomberg reports that each Lowe's store will initially get about 25 iPhones for employees to use for calling, email, text messaging, and processing credit card transactions. I hope that Lowe's has more plans for using the iPhone and should also consider using iPads to help people plan simple projects and pick up the right materials for the job they want to do.

I understand that Home Depot also has a My HomeDepot.com account service that lets you save shopping lists and project lists so it is great to see these companies working hard in new technology to secure and retain customers.

I also use mobile technology during home improvement projects to take pictures of problems I am trying to fix to take to the store with me so I get the right supplies for the job. Just a couple weeks ago, my daughter emailed me some photos of a piping arrangement from my trailer as I was at the hardware store buying supplies and I ended up with the right parts to fix the plumbing without having to make multiple trips to the store. Have you used mobile technology to help you with home improvement projects?

Topics: iPhone, CXO, Mobility

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  • that's 42,000 iPhones Lowe's is buying

    Bloomberg says the total number of iPhones Lowe's is buying is a whooping 42,000.<br><br>More and more companies are deploying apple devices.<br>Other companies like SAP have bought thousands of iPads.<br><br>The people who keep saying that Apple makes 'toys' and not fit for enterprise are looking sillier by the day.
    • RE: Lowe's improving online tools and rolling out iPhones


      Why not just say use the right tech for the job just like the right tool. it's funny how fanboys of google apple ms etc.. make blind comments to there posse but if they needed a screwdriver to remove a screw they sure would not use channel locks would they ?
  • This won't be the only headline Lowe's will capture due to this...

    Expect to see more news regarding Lowe's and iPhones... not because they're using them, but because A) Lowe's realized what a stupid decision this is, B)a combination of lost/stolen devices and/or stolen transaction data resulting in exposed PII, C) combination of all of the above.

    Combine the lack of device administration Lowe's hasn't accounted for (past the colorful brochure), the employees increasingly wasting time with games internet app or whatever, the inevitable incompatability with iOS updates with Lowe's hardware and any customized apps,

    ...oh, and an un-insured fragile handheld on those bare concrete floors. I think Jason Perlow proved that even with protection, it's not a good idea.

    I'm betting iPhones @ Lowe's will last about as long as the TouchPad did @ HP
    • RE: Lowe's improving online tools and rolling out iPhones

      When you run out of sour grapes, I have some sour wine to sell you.
      Robert Hahn
      • RE: Lowe's improving online tools and rolling out iPhones

        @Robert Hahn

        Fortunately for me, I'm not as addicted to sour grapes or sour wine as you are kool aid.

        thanks, though.
      • RE: Lowe's improving online tools and rolling out iPhones

        You don't know the credentials of the people at Lowe's, you don't know what tests they ran, you don't know who they might have hired to help them, you don't know what the decisionmaking process was, and yet you gaze down from the high horse to claim they are brochure-reading yahoos.

        We know who's full of Kool-Aid, and it isn't me.
        Robert Hahn
    • RE: Lowe's improving online tools and rolling out iPhones

      @chmod 777
    • RE: Lowe's improving online tools and rolling out iPhones

      @chmod 777 If Apple is working with Lowes they may have some of that stuff blocked. I know our corp phones have a lot of those features blocked. They are not iPhones but I am sure games and such can be blocked.
  • RE: Lowe's improving online tools and rolling out iPhones

    I wonder how Whitworth (http://www.muckety.com/Ralph-V-Whitworth/25487.muckety) and HD will respond to this one? This is pretty huge.
  • RE: Lowe's improving online tools and rolling out iPhones

    It certainly looks like we're creating the great divide - Android vs. Apple. Apple has a great toy - that's why you don't them in the business environment - they're still trying to find a place to fit in. Android (Google) doesn't care/understand about the privacy of individuals - searching your gmail accounts for key words and marketing what they 'think' they 'saw'. Not sure which side to be on. Hopefully Google can start containing themselves, become more American with their invasion policies and make some Apple sauce.
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