MacTablet to be launched next week

MacTablet to be launched next week

Summary: Axiotron and Other World Computing will be launching the ModBook next week at the MacWorld Expo. This is a slate Mac computer with Tablet PC-type functionality. There will be ModBooks being demoed at the event, but there are no real rumors of an actual Apple Tablet PC being launched anytime soon.



As a Samsung Q1 UMPC/Tablet PC and MacBook Pro user I was all excited when I read the headline announcing that a MacTablet would be launched next week. However, to be clear this is not an official Apple product and I doubt we will see an official Apple Tablet computer for quite some time. The product detailed in the Axiotron press release is called the ModBook and is an Apple computer that uses a WACOM piece of hardware to create a slate Mac using the Apple Inkwell technology. I saw a homemade one of these computers online and another in the Cult of Mac book a few weeks ago and it looks like Other World Computing (OWC) and Axiotron, Inc. worked together to create a cleaner piece of hardware. While it may not be a true Apple Tablet, I am interested in checking it out. The press release states that an optional integrated GPS will be available as well. There is going to be ModBooks at the MacWorld Expo so we will probably get some pricing and availability information next week.

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  • Nothing new here

    Take existing technologies, throw some $$$ at it and slap the Apple brand on it. $teve Job$ will do anything to try and compete, and keep up with, Microsoft. We can see how well that's panned out over the last 20 some years. And what's with that tight black outfit. He looked stupid in the 80s with those giant elton John glasses, like some freaky Star Trek extra. Now he just looks plain ridiculous.
  • RE: MacTablet to be launched next week - I do hope we get a MacTablet soon.
    There are so many forums writing about it. I'd like to see one
    with an LED projector so I can watch movies on a 50"
    viewable area. If they start to develop games aswell we could
    be looking at some serious competition for the PSP and
    Nintendo Lite! Perhaps this is why they are potentially
    developing a 3D interface? ... <b></b>