MobileTechRoundup show #66

MobileTechRoundup show #66

Summary: Another show comes to you partially from the Cascade foothills and covers lots of mobile technology. The MobileTechRoundup show is now mobile formatted so you can enjoy it from any device.

TOPICS: Mobility

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motr_cover.jpgI am still out in the foothills of the Cascades and was struggling to maintain a WiFi connection in the clubhouse as we recoreded MobileTechRoundup show #66. James Kendrick, Kevin C. Tofel and I did get a chance to discuss the upcoming Treo devices, HTC Excalibur WM Smartphone, and other devices. The MobileTechRoundup website was just upgraded to WordPress 2.0 and the Alex King mobile plugin was added to allow you to view and even download the show directly from your mobile device. We answered a couple of emails on the show and talked about a couple freeware products.

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Topic: Mobility

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