Motorola Q now available for online ordering

Motorola Q now available for online ordering

Summary: Verizon's servers appear to be swamped with orders as people line up to purchase the Q.

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The Motorola Q device I mentioned last week is now available for ordering online at the Verizon Wireless store. I understand that people are swamping the online store and it is taking up to an hour at times to actually order the Motorola Q for the US$199 price with 2 year contract.

To pass the time while you are waiting for the Verizon servers to meet demand, feel free to check out my full review of the Q. I decided against making the purchase for myself since Verizon coverage in my home area is poor and after checking the Sprint EV-DO rates I couldn't swallow the minimum US$80 per month that Verizon wants for their data and voice plan.

Topic: Verizon

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