Move over Angry Birds, here comes Caveman

Move over Angry Birds, here comes Caveman

Summary: Lemmings gets re-birthed in this latest rendition of an arcade classic


Last year Aaron Ardiri took it upon himself to live blog a porting of his old PalmOS-based version of Lemmings. A mere 36 hours later and he had successfully created a fully playable version for four platforms: iPhone, Palm, Windows and Mac.

I was fortunate enough to have some playtime with the iPhone version. Unfortunately, the SCEE served Mobile 1UP (Aaron's company) with a cease and desist so the port never made it out of beta. I did manage to capture a video of it during some testing (see below), and have to say that it was spot-on at the time.

Fast forward to present day and Aaron has re-birthed Lemmings once again. This time, though, he has retooled the code and changed the characters to cavemen. Not only that, it features all new graphics and great music and sound effects.

Just like in the classic Lemmings game of 1991, the goal is to guide a certain number of Cavemen to the exit on the level. You do this by assigning specific skills to them and then hoping you grabbed the correct skill at the right time.

As for Aaron's version, it's currently available on iPhone, iPad and WebOS. I should also mention that it's a preview right now, so not all levels are available. That said, Aaron has been emailing me letting me know that not only are more levels coming, but FREE UPDATES will be coming, too. As of this writing it has some quirks, like not being able to resume where you left off, but Aaron promises to fix them along with adding more levels and surprises.

Also, if you get stuck on a level, he's been busy adding solutions.

I'm completely addicted to the iPad version, with its special HD-sized graphics. I definitely can't put the game down. See a video below of the iPad version in action on one of the "soon to be released" medium levels.

If you loved Lemmings as a kid, or are looking for a new addiction on your iPhone, iPad or WebOS-based device, check out Caveman.

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  • Squawk

    When the "kids from Finland" get done counting the cash from that Rio movie, they'll probably be ready to move over. They won't have to work another day in their lives.
    Robert Hahn
  • RE: Move over Angry Birds, here comes Caveman

    This is all well and good, but where are the tie-ins to holidays and kids' movies?
  • RE: Move over Angry Birds, here comes Caveman

    Please someone give us Toxic Ravine for android and iphone!!!!!
  • RE: Move over Angry Birds, here comes Caveman

    Why would anyone play either of the 2 above games? They are very boring and stupid. Angry birds has nothing to worry about thats for sure lol
    • RE: Move over Angry Birds, here comes Caveman

      @Fletchguy I beg to differ. Lemmings was ans still is an AWESOME game! It certainly takes more skill and planning than Angry Birds.
  • This is all "NEW" graphics ?!?!?!

    If the cavemen video is using production graphics, I think I will just dig out my son's old game boy advanced. Everything looks like lumps of wet clay.

    If that is the best that can be done with an iPad's HD quality BS, why the hell do the masses want one......oh yeah.....they are sheep and love the "shiny"
    • RE: Move over Angry Birds, here comes Caveman

      it's downsized to 360p or worse and compressed at a high level on the video, you can see the artifacts. Obviously not what it looks like actually playing it.
    • RE: Move over Angry Birds, here comes Caveman

      @LStewart <br><br>Shiny would describe the tin foil hat yuse wearing.
    • RE: Move over Angry Birds, here comes Caveman

      @LStewart The game is in preview right now and how it looks has nothing really to do with the graphics capabilities of an iPad but your small minded hatred for Apple makes you turn this into an iPad bashing post. Truly pathetic.
  • resolution..

    video doesn't do justice; HD version is 1024x768 native - quality is amazing.
  • RE: Move over Angry Birds, here comes Caveman

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