My ad-supported Kindle is on its way

My ad-supported Kindle is on its way

Summary: Amazon upped the ship date of its Special Offers Kindle--should start arriving this week

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Today Amazon announced that it was moving up the ship date of its ad-supported Kindle. As luck would have it, my pre-order is moving up, too.

If you're not familiar with the new Kindle, it's basically the old Wi-Fi Kindle but with "Special Offers and Sponsored Screensavers". The big selling point is that the ad-supported model brings the normally $139 Kindle down to $114. Of course, for that discount you will have to deal with Sponsored Screensavers and probably some other ads sprinkled inside of your reading experience.

So, why did I buy the ad-supported version? First off, I wanted to try out the experience. I figured that if Amazon made it too intrusive, the customers would complain and Amazon would make a change. Second, while on vacation my wife expressed an interest in a Kindle, so you can't go wrong with a $114 Kindle.

As for shipping, I ordered my Kindle on April 20th. Amazon originally slated it to arrive on May 5th, but I just received an alert that mine will now show up April 29th. I'll be sure to power it up and write up a first impressions once it arrives.

I have a feeling that the $114 price will drop soon, though. To only knock off $25 and inundate the customer with ads isn't going to last. Perhaps this is a trial to see how the customer accepts it, and then maybe it rolls out onto the 3G version, too?

What do you think about the ad-supported model coming to Kindle?

Topic: Amazon

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  • RE: My ad-supported Kindle is on its way

    I'm planning to buy the regular Wifi Kindle. 25 dollars is a pretty sweet premium to pay for no adverts ;)

    I'll be interested to find out how intrusive the adverts are too. What I'm wondering is if there will be limitations baked into the firmware to stop users from simply buying the advert kindle and then removing the adverts with a hack. You know it'll happen!
  • Similar buying rationale

    My rationale for buying the ad-supported Kindle is very similar to Joel's. Plus with an outstanding $75 Amazon credit, it was REALLY cheap! (There's the old behavioral economics in action again!) BTW mine ordered 4/15 but also due to arrive 4/29.
  • RE: My ad-supported Kindle is on its way

    Joel, Joel, Joel, you cheeped out on your Wife? Really?? Isn't that kind of like buying her Diamondeque earrings? I feel for you Bro!
  • Kindel on hollidays

    The Advert. Kindle' if you break it or loose it it won't hurt as much as an IPad.
    If the tablets take the place of desktops and monitors it would be great for the enviorment and trees ect.
  • RE: My ad-supported Kindle is on its way

    They'd have to make it free. For $25, who wants to put up with this nonsense?
  • No ads in the books

    The ads will only be on the screensaver and the home screen, according to Amazon. Not within the books themselves. Although $25 is not a huge discount it could make the difference for a lot of people. If I didn't need (okay... WANT) 3G I would consider getting this Kindle. As it is I may get it for my mother for Mother's Day and add her to my account.
  • RE: My ad-supported Kindle is on its way

    I would like to see some screenshots! I am not a fan of "ad supported". And $25 isn't enough to convince me. My wife gets a "clean" Kindle! Happy Mothers Day!