myvu Made for iPod improves video experience

myvu Made for iPod improves video experience

Summary: The new myvu Made for iPod Edition glasses give you a 27 inch viewing experience and also let you look like Geordi La Forge. Can these viewing goggles vastly improve the iPod video experience enough to tip the scales for an iPod purchase?


I have been seriously thinking about picking up an iPod Video device and was hoping Apple was going to announce a model with a larger widescreen display a couple weeks ago, but that didn't happen. However, they did drop the price of the 30GB model and added a 60GB 80GB model with some other software updates. The day after Apple's announcements, Microsoft announced their Zune experience and so now I am thinking about one of these devices. Then late last night Beth sent me a note stating that The MicroOptical Corporation was going to announcing their new myvu Made for iPod Edition Personal Media Viewer glases today. The details for the myvu Made for iPod Edition system are now up on their site with the glasses selling for US$399.

myvu ipod.jpgThey have a pair for US$269 that started selling earlier this year, but this new product is designed specifically for the 30, 60, and 80GB iPod with video models because it has some new features designed to lighten the load you have to carry and give you a more powerful system. The previous version included a battery pack that was powered by 3 AAA batteries and required you to carry this dongle along with your device that took away from the mobility experience. The Made for iPod Edition now includes a thin battery pack that you slip your iPod into and it serves as both a battery pack and hard case for your iPod. The battery pack not only powers the myvu goggles, but can also be used just as an extended battery for your iPod when you don't want to use the goggles and gives you a reported 20 hours of audio playing time. With the goggles in use, you can get 6 hours of viewing time with a single charge. The battery pack/hard cover also has a removable belt clip. The retail package also includes a nice looking carrying case.

You can control the playback with the new pendant that also controls brightness levels. Noise-reducing in-ear earbuds are part of the goggles and provide stereo sound for the complete viewing experience. The goggles provide a 320x240 resolution and are supposed to give you a viewing experience similar to a 27 inch TV at about 6 feet. I have to admit as a gadget freak that I am seriously considering a purchase of these goggles and a new 80GB iPod Video, but better make the purchase before I come to my senses. Has anyone tried these types of glasses for viewing video content?

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  • Typo in article

    Apple did NOT introduce a new 60Gb player. Apple introduced a new 80Gb player. You'd think ZDnet would be able to keep track of things like this. 60Gb was the previous top of the line iPod, and it is now extinct.

    Check your sources!
    • We know it is 80GB, just a type :)

      Yes, this was a typo as you can see later in the article I mentioned the 80GB model. This is the one I am likely to purchase and I accidentally entered 60GB.

      I have been in talks with the folks who sell the myvu and will hopefully check out a pair in the next few weeks as they are still finalizing the glasses and they should be available for buyers in a month or so.
      palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
  • I love my myvu

    I purchased a myvu when they first became available on the and it has proven to be money WELL SPENT. The image although a 320x240 is quite nice, I can now watch an entire movie with out have to take a break because my arm gets tired. I have also pre-ordered the new made for iPod version and can't wait to see the difference