New Apple iPad may be available in stores on Friday, 16 March

New Apple iPad may be available in stores on Friday, 16 March

Summary: The new Apple iPad is the hot news of the week and indications are that it will be available in the same way the iPad 2 was with an in-store date of Friday, 16 March.


According to 9 to 5 Mac's Apple store source the new iPad that will be announced tomorrow should be available in stores on Friday, 16 March. This makes sense given that the iPad 2 was announced on 2 March 2011 and then available in stores the following Friday, 11 March when I was able to hunt one down.

You may also recall that there was an online ordering option with the iPad 2 launch, but after just a few hours (sales started at midnight) availability was pushed back to 2-3 weeks. The online option may happen again and you will need to stay up late to get in on that action, but won't get your iPad 3/HD for 3-5 days. The fastest way to get one will be to find one in the stores, but again there WILL be lines and selected models will sell out.

I will try to order one online to make sure I get one, but may then take the day off (it's a geek rock concert after all) to get in line for one at the local store.

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  • Hmm

    I heard the 11th and the 8th for the New Apple TV.
    • Sunday? Not likely

      Apple has released devices in the past on repeated patterns and selling the iPad on a Friday gets people in line and keeps stores busy all weekend. I believe the reports on 9 to 5 Mac since that exactly matches what they did last year with the iPad 2.
      palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
  • Thanks For the warning

    I will be sure to avoid all electronic stores and the Apple Stores and surrounding area on that day so I do not have to deal with the people that insist in standing in line to get the latest iGadget.
    • I stopped standing in line ages ago....

      It's better to just have it come to your door and not deal with all the lines.
      • RE: Stopped Standing in Lines

        Oh I agree with that. Aside from something that will save my life I see no need to stand in line to get anything. This goes for the people that camp out for Black Friday sales, new video game and console releases and just about anything. I guess I find that more often than not the people that stand in line for the latest iGadget like to brag. I am looking forward to the people I work with snubbing their noses at those still using an iPad 1 or 2 when they have a iPad 3. I guess I am not one for gadget envy.

        Don't get me wrong, I pre-order stuff all the time but refuse to stand in line to get it. I tease my little brother because he is in line for the midnight releases of video games all the time. I just pre-order it and pick it up on my lunch break or have it delivered. It is not worth standing in line for hours to days for such things. I have more important things to do.
      • But if you don't stand in line

        bobiroc, how can you laugh at all the other people who won't have the tablet until a day [b]after[/b] you do!

        William Farrel
      • RE: But if you don't stand in line

        Nope I will continue to be laughed at and mocked behind my back by iPad owners for having an Android Tablet that do things such as buy a specific case to make sure the Apple logo is visible so people know they have an iPad and not something else. Just like I was poked fun at for not jumping in line to get the latest iPhone on release day because I had no need to upgrade at that time.
      • It's one thing to be a fanboi

        And another to be an idiot fanboi..I did the idiot fanboi thing once....and standing in line for 8 hours for an iPhone 4 was NOT worth the trench butt.

        I'll order online and wait in my air-conditioned man cave LOL.
      • There's nothing wrong either way

        While I've never stood in line on the first day to get the latest gadgets (not necessarily from not wanting to, but rather due a lack of much free time in my day), I have no problem with those who do.

        Waiting in line for the latest gadget as opposed to online ordering or even buying it a few weeks later is similar to going to the movie and wait in line to watch the latest blockbuster movie on the first day as opposed to watching it weeks later at the theater or on pay per view at home months later (long sentence, sorry.)

        It's about more than just having the latest gadget before everyone else; it's a feeling of comradery, the environment, being around a lot of other people who share your same enthusiasm.

        Most Android fans always preach about having choices, and that the lack of choice in Apple products irritates them. What they are oblivious to is the fact that us choosing Apple products IS a choice. If everyone uses Android and not Apple, then one choice has been taken away. But I digress.

        What people choose to do with their time is their choice. Most people are so quick to judge others (oh they just want to brag or they're just stupid if they want to wait in line) if they don't make the same choice.

        Those in the Apple camp is just as guilty as any other camp with regards to a lack of respect for other people's choices.
  • I'll poke fun at you

    The only time an iPad owner poked fun at my Android tablets were when my tablet was having a hard time doing something which the iPad did with ease.

    Now, I might poke fun at someone using an awkward device when they could use something less awkward, but I might also shake my head at the person standing in a long line, when a little patience could allow a purchase without a line.