No pre-ordered iPhone 4 for me

No pre-ordered iPhone 4 for me

Summary: After many attempts I thought I had made the cut and been able to pre-order my iPhone 4. Unfortunately, I was wrong.


I wrote yesterday about the effort I went to in order to pre-order an iPhone 4. The day ended with me placing my order via the iPhone's Safari browser. At the time, I had received a message in the browser stating that it had been reserved and confirmed. Unfortunately, even as of this writing, I have yet to receive an e-mail confirmation. In addition, I attempted to order one straight out this morning and I still qualified for the discount.

The above leads me to believe that my pre-order never made the cut. I plan on talking with Apple about it, but each time I call I have a long wait in a queue. In the end they probably won't do a thing for me, but it's at least worth a try.

The whole experience has definitely left a bad taste in my mouth, though. I tend to get caught up in the hype, and the idea of receiving it on launch day was exciting. Now the thought of waiting in line is dampening my enthusiasm, not to mention that my 3GS is working great and will soon run iOS4.

Perhaps I'll join my co-author Matt Miller and not purchase one?

In the end I'll be standing in line, I'm sure. And I bet Matt will be, too.

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  • None

    How the hell do u qualify for the discount when you own the 3GS? Did you buy it without a contract? I have a 3G and reserved my iPhone 4 for pickup on the 24th. I placed my order with apple at about 420 in the morning (mountain time) but didn't receive conformation till about 730 am. I think the confirmation emails might just be delayed since it took 3 hours to process mine and I was probably on of the first to sign up. I'd wait a little longer if I were you.
    • RE: No pre-ordered iPhone 4 for me

      I have a 3GS less than 1 yr.
      My discount point is 18 months.
      As it is just short of 2011 Jan, ATT grandfathered me into an early update option. And this is for all phones, not just the iphone.
      FYI: not getting the upgrade - waiting for the Streak.
      • A G1 with Tmob at 4.4Mbps consistent download

        While you suffer with your iPhone struggling at 0.4Mbps when you get connection I am using my G1 (OOLDDD) at 4.4Mbps or better on HPSA+ (not words, real deal in Houston).<br><br><a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a><br><br>Cellular is the new ID that the Houston server recognizes for T Mob. Either way I will post a video on YouTube.<br><br>Waiting for my dual core FROYO based HTC/Motorola/Samsung phone, Samsung with the projector is what would make my day.
    • RE: No pre-ordered iPhone 4 for me

      @stoner42O "placed my order with apple at about 420 in the morning"

      Love it. I hate apple, but love the quote.
      Jared Neale
  • Wow I

    Damn I really am shocked at how bad this launch has gone for Apple. First they disapoint all would be white iPhone 4 owners. Then AT&T had to stop taking orders for a period in the early part of the day and finally ended by no longer accepting new orders "at this time"? Im no business school graduate but Apple has to have many more phones available for purchase in retail outlets including best buy, radio shack and wallmart? I believe shipping 600,000+ iphone 4's, including many more that are preordered between now and next Thursday, direct to customers. Will help tremendously with keeping lines shorter than previous launches. I definitly think they are scrambling to fix whatever caused att's problems and get this device into yours hands, and millions of others arond the world, as fast as they humanly can.?
    Disclaimer: I got my order placed at 7am. Est.
  • Apple swamped by massive orders

    There are reports that Apple has been completely inundated with orders. Their AppleStore servers can't keep up with demand.

    Seems iPhone 4 has created massive demand, more than any previous product.
  • RE: No pre-ordered iPhone 4 for me

    some one said like this, "I already bought an ipad, but now I am returning it and will buy the iphone 4, as much fun as the ipad is, the iphone is capable if doing everything the ipad does in a smaller package, don't get me wrong the extra real estate is nice, but carying an ipad for the train comute to work was kind of annoying. also the ipad was causing me to go on the internet all night at home, searching and reading useless information. consumption isn't always a good thing..
    anyway time to return my impulse buy"...
  • RE: No pre-ordered iPhone 4 for me

    Snuck my order in at 10:30 EST. Not without due diligence and constant resubmission of my order request in, of course. According to my purchase print-out, and the "order status" on, and my email "order acknowledgment" from, i'll get my iPhone 4 on the 24th. I'm trying to check with apple to comfirm. If they tell me it'll be after the 24th, do i cancel the order and try to get one on the day?
    • follow-up

      spoke with Clair from apple today via "chat" through She confirmed my order was in, and that according to her computer i should expect it on the 24th, and that if the date hasn't changed yet it probably won't... However she cannot guarantee me that the date will not change, and told me to check my "order status" on regularly to keep track of my delivery date. So check your order status regularly guys/gals...pretty sure if mine changes i've decided to cancel the preorder and brave the storm on opening day
  • Try Try ... Try again

    After a dozen attempts, finally got an order in for delivery on the 24th, at around 1pm Pacific time. <br><br>I will probably sell one of my iPads, too. But, only to upgrade it to a 3GS. I VJ, and the iPads are now part of a very minimal projection rig.
  • I know I'm getting one but not sure when

    I placed an order on AT&T's site early afternoon on the 15th. I didn't get an email confirmation until Wednesday at 6 PM. In the mean time I started an order at the Apple site, which still showed eligibility, but I never completed the order. So, you may have one reserved, but you may not. It is unsettling to not know your status and it appears that not receiving an email is not a good indication that you didn't get one ordered. Though I got a confirmation I'm not sure when I will be getting my order. It could be on the 24th, based on when I placed my order, or it could be as late as July 2nd, based on my confirmation email. I'm OK with either, but it isn't nice to not know your status. Not a very good "experience".
  • I just reserverd one at the Apple Store in the Mall........I Think....

    I filled in all of the info for picking up my new iPhone at the Apple store at the mall but I still am not sure I will be getting one because it said ?first come first served, line starts at 7 am.? If I did not need it for my development work I would have waited till the end of July or something. Kind of a Half A** way for Apple to do business. ?First come first served?.. why even offer in-store pick up.
  • It's kind of weird...

    I'm a huge Apple fan. But I don't just buy their products because they say Apple on them. I'm a graphic designer and professional photographer. Prior to my freelancing days, I had a straight-out-of-college 2-year stint at an ad agency as an Art Director. Macs are what we used. In fact, I don't know anyone in my fields that doesn't use a Mac for graphic design, photography, videography, production, etc. So, I didn't just run out and order the iPhone 4 because Steve Jobs told me to.

    I have to say this because there are lots of people who love to rag on us Apple fans and make fun of us for "drinking the kool-aid" and what not.

    Now, that being said. I'm a little disappointed in Apple for the first time in a while. I ordered my phone in person on Tuesday at about 2:30 EST at an AT&T store. It was not an easy task as I had to have a credit card ? not a debit card run as credit, a physical CREDIT card ? to place the order and I don't carry credit cards at all, so I had to go and borrow my fiancee's, which was simple enough because she wanted an iPhone 4 as well so all it cost me was buying her phone, too. Small price to pay to have it now, huh? :)

    I received an email on my current iPhone 3G almost immediately telling me about my CSS and the changes to my account.

    Then, to my dismay, that night I received an email saying the following:

    AT&T - iPhone Wireless Order Confirmation

    Dear [Name],

    Thank you for ordering iPhone 4 from AT&T. Your device has been reserved. Today was the busiest sales day in our history. Because of the incredible volume of orders we received, there is a slight chance that some customers may receive their devices between June 25 and June 28. Rest assured, we are doing all we can to ship devices to customers for delivery on the 24th. You do not need to take any action at this point.

    As soon as your device ships, we will send an email confirmation including a tracking number for your convenience. In the meantime, you can check the status of your order on our website at any time by clicking here or by calling our automated system at 1-877-782-8870.

    WTF? What's the point of pre-ordering if I don't get it on the day of or even before? Are you kidding me Apple/AT&T? I mean, hell, it sure beats standing in those awful lines, but still, I can't help but be a little disappointed that I might receive it up to 4 or 5 days after I was promised to have it. I don't NEED it that badly, nor do I care to have it exactly on release day (although I am very excited about it because I love technology and the iPhone has always just worked for me in terms of compatibility and UI friendliness, etc.), but if you're going to offer to take pre-orders for a product, be prepared to deal with the ginormous influx of customers that might back up your system and get it out on time.

    That's all. Rant ended.
  • Shipping Update

    Just to keep everyone posted on what seems to be a hot topic, I got a tracking number from AT&T yesterday for my iPhone 4. The estimated delivery date is June 23 by 3:00 pm EST. Seems like Apple and AT&T were able to pull it together after all and get those phones out on time.

    Now the big question...Was the "delivery scare" just a tactic to get more people to scramble to pre-order more iPhone 4's? Possibly...