Nokia continues to add more phones to software update site

Nokia continues to add more phones to software update site

Summary: The latest update to Nokia's site that lets you update your own firmware includes the Nokia E61. If you own an E-series or N-series device then check out the Nokia Software Update site to see if your device is supported and perform the update.


nokiae61.jpgI just updated the software on the Nokia N91 I am evaluating using the Nokia Software Update site that lets you update the firmware on your device without sending it in to a service center. Over-the-air updates are not yet rolled out, but you can use a PC and USB cable to update several models now. I just saw on All About Symbian that an update for the Nokia E61 is available and I am installing the software right now on my device. Visit the Nokia Phone Software Update site to see if your particular model has an update available. I found an extensive list of what the update is supposed to improve, which is why I didn't hesitate to make the update. I don't see how they can add "improvements to overall reliability and performance" when my device has been rock solid and has not randomly reset on my since I bought it a couple months ago. My Treo used to reset all the time and I am extremely impressed with the reliability.

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    Would you mind sharing with us what, if anything, were the results of the updates to your e61?
    • No changes noticed

      It has been 3 days so far since I performed the update and I haven't seen anything different. Honestly, the device has always been rock solid for me and I guess I just haven't been using the features that were impacted by the change so far. I will post something here though if there is anything that I notice is improved or made worse by the update.
      palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)