Orders now at 2-3 weeks for new iPad

Orders now at 2-3 weeks for new iPad

Summary: According to the Apple.com order page, when you pick even the most basic one (16GB Black iPad), you have to wait 2-3 weeks before it ships.


If you didn't jump at the chance to buy the new iPad moments after launch, you'll now have to wait at least another 2-3 weeks to get your hands on one.

According to the Apple.com order page, when you pick even the most basic one (16GB Black iPad), you have to wait 2-3 weeks before it ships.

My co-author, Matt Miller, ordered a 32GB Verizon 4G model on March 7th, and I ended up pulling the trigger on a Wi-Fi 16GB on March 8th. According to my latest order history, it's still slated to deliver on March 16th.

If you're wondering why I bought a new iPad, and Wi-Fi only, it's actually for my family to use. I have an iPad for work and every time my family wants to use the iPad, I'm always concerned that they might mistakenly delete an appointment, or an e-mail, or an app that I'm testing for my day job. $500 is a small price to pay to make sure that I don't have to feel that concern anymore. I probably could have gone for the older iPad, but since the iPad is used for gaming most of the time in my house, I figured the bump in processor speed and Retina Display was worth the $100.

As for why I went with the AT&T 3G instead of the 4G on Verizon for my own use, I had a bad experience previously, where Verizon suddenly reported that I had used 1GB worth of data, whereas I have rarely gone over my 250MB allotment on AT&T. That alone was the determining factor, not to mention that I can easily swap out the SIM to the new iPad, so no contract change needed, and I can always connect to a 4G hotspot, if I really want the 4G experience.

Are you expecting your new iPad on Friday, too? If so, what made you buy the latest iPad over the previous generation?

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  • So glad I bought mine last week!

    I bought a 32GB wi-fi version, for similar reasons to yours, Joel. I have an iPad 1 which gets hijacked by my kids (ages 2, 9, and 12) the moment I put it down. The new iPad will become MY toy, and my kids can use my old one. Since I didn't buy the iPad 2, I'm looking forward to the camera and new iMovie and iPhoto apps.
  • Huge jump from 1 to 3

    I normally skip generations when upgrading. Once a year seems a little excessive for my needs, but every other year works out fine. Heck, I wasn't even going to order the 3rd incarnation, but as soon as my wife said she would love to have my iPad 1 to read ebooks, I jumped on the opportunity.

    After the announcement last Wednesday, I spent the entire afternoon trying to either get into the Apple store, or to get the shopping cart react to my order.

    Now, can anyone tell me why it took just a couple days to get from China to Louisville, KY, but it's taking at least twice as long to get from Louisville to a neighboring state? Does Apple have some type of holding area there?
  • Larger Jump from Nothing to 3

    When the original iPad and the iPad2 came out, I was attending college (mainly to see if I could study again after 25 years after getting my Bachelors - I wanted to go for my Masters so I need to see if I could be a student again). It wasn't that I couldn't afford it, I just couldn't see the need for it. I had an iPhone 3GS and most of my classes were heavy writing and a few programming classes. So, I had to carry my laptop, and adding in another device wasn't going to do anything for me. If there was any quick thing I needed or needed e-mail, my iPhone worked just fine. Anything "heavier" and I would just wake my Mac Book Pro. An iPad would have become the ignored middle child.

    Then I gave up going to school, and went to work. After just a few weeks of working, I found that I really needed a tablet. So, I used some credit card points and got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (it was more efficient than getting cash then buying one - some kind of special). I had been wanting to try Android, so I got that. It was great at first, but I also got the Nook Tablet via the other credit card's points. I did the cyanogenmod on a microSD card and loaded in Android 2.3 (gingerbread). Since I could switch between the Nook and Android (and thus the Kindle app), I stopped using the Galaxy Tab. But, all the stuff I'm working on now needs a tablet (many PDF files). So, it has been my Nook and my new iPhone 4S. But instead of a laptop, I find I want a bigger form factor because I go to multiple locations. Laptop is too heavy and slow (boot up or wake), iPhone screen is too small. Our mail and calendars work better with iOS than with Android (consolidated calendar in iCal and easy access to personal e-mail folders. I actually got the Galaxy Tab knowing that a new iPad was likely to come out in March 2012, but I figured I would either prefer Android or it would hold me over until the iPad 3 (that was the talk of the time). Well, I like Android, but prefer iOS. Thus, I ordered the new iPad, since I was really waiting for it. I ordered it the first day it was on the Apple Store. It should come Friday, or at least that is what the tracker is saying. So, I got it, mainly because I want it. I don't want the iPad 2, in its current offering, because I have filled up my 16GB iPhone 4S a couple of times with video (son plays soccer). I also have spent quite a bit of money on iOS apps and iTunes content. Over the years (I have the original iPhone) I have probably spent well into the four digit range on Apps and content. On Android, I might have broken through the 2 digit range, but not even $100. I am really deep into iOS/iTunes so it is also better for me to stay iOS.