Protect your lap while computing with the LapGuard Laptop Cooling Pad

Protect your lap while computing with the LapGuard Laptop Cooling Pad

Summary: LapGuard offers a variable speed fan to keep your laptop cool, while shielding you from radiation


There have been a number of reports that suggest that Wi-Fi enabled laptop computers, and laptops in general, may be harmful to your reproductive system. In addition, some of the older laptops still tend to run a bit hot on the bottom. For this reason, my wife always makes sure that my kids put the laptop on a pillow, if they're going to put it on their lap for an extended amount of time. I have been known to use a pillow, on occasions, when using older laptops, too. Depending on how long you're sitting, the laptop can definitely get a bit uncomfortable.

With the above in mind, I was interested in exploring what the LapGuard had to offer. The product comes in two varieties: the LapGuard model 4290500, which sells for $49.99; and the more portable model 4290400, which sells for $39.99.

While I couldn't test whether or not the LapGuard models shielded the radiation, I can tell you that they definitely cooled the laptop. In the case of the 4290500, it features a variable control that allows you to control the speed, and therefore noise, of the fan. In addition, it sports a retractable USB cable and a wedge bottom, so that it fits comfortably on your lap and positions your laptop for optimal usage. As for the 4290400, it works as expected, but you can't control the fan speed, and the USB cable is stored by winding it up in the back of the LapGuard.

As I mentioned earlier in this article, if your laptop runs hot, this is a no-brainer for keeping it cool while computing. Also, even though I can't test whether or not the LapGuard is shielding me, you're better off doing what you can to reduce your exposure.

You can learn more about the LapGuard at digital

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  • Won't have this issue with an iPad

    But I guarantee you will with a Windows 8 tablet.
  • Slow news day?

    This is like me writing an article on how super rad my spankin' new toaster is.
  • Or.......

    You could use a laptop without this thing and save paying for a vasectomy.
  • somebody send you a new one?

    and thanks for thinking of my reproductive system. 'bout time someone besides me gave it a thought.
  • heat and pillow

    A pillow is a bad idea as it tends to block the air intake of the cooler, wether it be on the back or on the rear side of the computer. It also bring lots of dust inside the computer. All this shorten the life of laptops. If you can't afford a cooling pad, at least, use large rigid book, a piece of plywood or anything clean and reasonably rigid!
  • Defenderpad

    Have you guys tried the DefenderPad? That is what I use. It block 100% of laptop radiation and also totally shields heat. It's really thin and lightweight too. This cooling pad thing big and bulky too me.