Quickoffice for iPad updated with new cloud partners

Quickoffice for iPad updated with new cloud partners

Summary: Quickoffice is one of my favorite iPad apps and continues to get better with iOS 4.2 support, new cloud partners, and more. PowerPoint editing support is also coming in January.


I posted my iPad Office apps showdown in June and the overwhelming majority of you agreed with me that Quickoffice was your favorite app, 48% compared to 21% for the iWork suite. Thus, you will all be happy to know that Quickoffice 1.2 was just released that brings some new cloud service partners, iOS 4.2 support, and more.

Here are some of the new and updated features of Quickoffice 1.2.0:

  • Advanced file management to copy and transfer multiple files at once
  • Ability to search for files by name
  • New cloud partners with Huddle and SugarSync
  • External keyboard support
  • iOS 4.2 support for multitasking

More good news is coming in January when Quickoffice will be rolling out the free update to the app for PowerPoint editing.

Topics: Hardware, Collaboration, iPad, Microsoft, Mobility, Software

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  • Sigh

    Can I at least have tables? I want tables.
    • You can have tables very easily

      @People <br>www.microsoft.com/windowsphone/en-gb/apps/office.aspx<br><br><i>Word Mobile handles tables</i>
      • Thanks, but

        Not very helpful to someone who already chose a (different) device.
      • I don't understand how that is not helpful

        If tables are important to him, all he needs to do is buy a device that supports tables, like WP7. Sorry if iOS doesn't have an app for that. If tables aren't that important to him, then for sure he should keep his device.

        It isn't like it is impossible to buy a different device. I did it when I switched from Windows Mobile to iPhone.