RadioShack offers iPhones for $4 less and calls it aggressive pricing

RadioShack offers iPhones for $4 less and calls it aggressive pricing

Summary: RadioShack offers iPhones for $4 less and calls it aggressive pricing.


RadioShack has announced that beginning this weekend it will be selling both the 3G and 3GS iPhones in its 3,000 stores nationwide. The company is slightly undercutting Apple with pricing planned at $95 for the 3G, and $195 for the 3GS (both with two-year contracts).

According to the company, it's offering

"some aggressive prices that we hope will create some buzz"

I'm not sure I'd call $4 off Apple's prices aggressive, but it's all in how it's marketed, I guess. As for RadioShack itself, I'm a long time lover of "The Shack", as the company is trying to have it be known, so if this latest marketing trick with the iPhone can keep the company alive, I applaud its efforts. Unfortunately, I just don't see people flocking to RadioShack for an iPhone. Then again, the company does offer a number of mobile phones for sale and seems to be doing pretty well with that, so perhaps the iPhone is just what it needs?

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  • Well

    It scored them some free advertising on ZDNET so I guess it's already paying off :/
  • meh

    i dunno about this, ive never really been a big fan of them anyway, and 4 dollars seems like a marketing ploy to get people to come in buy the iphone and then buy the accessories where they add a 4 dollar markup and makeup the difference, and even if they dont, they still get awesome reseller money from AT&T...
  • The idea that $4 off is aggressive pricing

    simply shows where the people that run Radio Shack's heads are.

    Anyone who takes that seriously deserves to be duped by the company that I used to work for (and yes, I am a disgruntled ex-employee, but it is with good reason, and anyone who looks at the stock price today for that company, versus the stock price in 2000 should have a idea that the rat-bastards there need to go on Wheel of Fortune to be able to buy a clue.)
    • Agree

      I work for radioshacks (former) canadian branch, were owned by Bell canada now, no where near what we used to be, but some of the senior staff are left over, and they fail horribly too....

      Join the club man...
  • I think there is very little margin in Apple products for resellers

    Why resellers bother, who knows, with Apple selling their products too.
  • RE: RadioShack offers iPhones for $4 less and calls it aggressive pricing

    It's because of the insane margins on the accessories. A few years ago, I pulled a part time job summer stint at a major electronics retailer and had a peek at what the accessory margins were. An iPhone case, or dock, or whatever is bewilderingly profitable for a retailer.

    Also, once those people come in for the Apple products, you get to sell them on other stuff. Like the company or not, Apple products right now have a halo effect as far as retailing.
  • Can you say...

    Free advertising? You just wrote an ad for Radio Shak.
    Without you writing this article I would have never known
    about this, or cared for that matter. Wait I still do not care,
    nevermind. I had no interest in buying an iPhone, and I still
    do not. Four dollars, is not going to change that.
  • RE: RadioShack offers iPhones for $4 less and calls it aggressive pricing

    Lol, they could have just said 5% off, but how lame is that. Going
    half price for the first 100 customers would be a spark to bring in
    customers. Either that or give away itunes cards with every
  • RE: RadioShack offers iPhones for $4 less and calls it aggressive pricing

    Doing this not only increases their sales in regards to the new smartphones apple is releasing, but also invites potential regular costumers to buy stuff regularly from them. Making it a win-win situation for both Apple and Radioshack.

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  • heres a truth

    i do work for a radioshack now and know some of the over priced things. but sadly over priced in my store still means cheaper than alot of places for alot of things. yes that watch batter or phone battery main seem a bit high but only we have it unfortunately. and we hand out coupons likes crazy. honestly we have sales 24/7 that make the stuff normal priced or better and clearence is wow. i just bought a 150 ipod sound bar for 40$ and a presidian 2 line phone for 7$ (no discounts) so please see it this way that that 4$ off actually may loose us money surprisingly. we sell ipods for 229 but they cost us 225.
  • RE: RadioShack offers iPhones for $4 less and calls it aggressive pricing

    At first, maybe this is cheap, I don't knew what will happen in the long run of usage.
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