RIM BlackBerry holding off competitors

RIM BlackBerry holding off competitors

Summary: 2006 is turning into the year of the QWERTY keyboard, but so far RIM seems to be holding its own as Microsoft, Palm, Nokia, Motorola, and others attempt to take a bite out of the BlackBerry market. It may be too early to make these statements though as many of these devices are just now rolling out and I am sure the competition will heat up in late 2006 and early 2007.

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I have posted several times here on RIM BlackBerry competitors (see my Nokia E61, the Treo 750v, and the Motorola Q coverage), but today the chairman and co-chief executive, Jim Balsillie, made statments that RIM isn't seeing much of an effect. Mr. Balsillie stated,

I haven't noticed an impact yet. Those guys are kind of knocking each other. We're a platform that goes beyond that. We're much more of a service solution.
I haven't noticed an impact yet. Those guys are kind of knocking each other. We're a platform that goes beyond that. We're much more of a service solution.

The Motorola Q has been out since July and one reason RIM may not have seen much of an impact yet is that Verizon has very high data rates so consumers probably aren't embracing it as much as Motorola was hoping. Also, Motorola just recently released the AKU2 Messaging and Security Pack update that added Direct Push support to the Q. Also, Nokia and Cingular just announced that the Nokia E62, Nokia E61 sister, would be available soon from Cingular so it is too early to judge that device's success yet. I admit I haven't yet tried a BlackBerry device, although the Pearl is tempting me, but I don't see how a BlackBerry goes beyond something like a Windows Mobile or Nokia smartphone that has integrated cameras, WiFi, push email, native document viewing and editing and so much more functionality. It will be interesting to see how these BlackBerry competitors do in the enterprise market as they become available in larger number towards the end of this year.

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  • Try it..


    It sometimes amazes me how you are writing a blog by the name of "Mobile Gadgeteer", and haven't yet tried a blackberry. I mean, c'mon, blackberry has more than just a tiny share of the mobile market. It IS still the dominant business mobile solution out there. It is the platform that all others are trying to beat; it is to mobile connectivity what the iPod is to digital players.

    I, personally, have started out with Palm, moved on to WM/CE, tried out all versions of the Nokia/Symbian combination, and then moved to BlackBerry. Once I've tried the BlackBerry, I couldn't touch anything else - and I still can't. I recently tried to ditch my BB 7105t in favor of the Nokia e61, but couldn't. I got my e61 the same week you got yours, but couldn't stay with it for more than a day.

    The reason? To me it's the blackberry's simplicity of use vs. Symbian/Palm/WM's complexity. I have yet to encounter a device/platform that is easier to use than blackberry. True, all the functions previously available only on BB are now available on other platforms too, but thay have yet to prove as simple to use.

    My advice to you is to at least try one blackberry. As someone who writes about mobile devices you ought to.