RIM PlayBook 2.0 update: Better late than never

RIM PlayBook 2.0 update: Better late than never

Summary: RIM released the PlayBook 2.0 update with integrated email, integrated calendar, a movie store, and support for Android apps in the BlackBerry App World.


I agree with Larry that the PlayBook 2.0 update likely won't generate a ton of new sales and make the PlayBook a huge success, but then again I am planning to pick one up for myself again. I've complained about the delay in the 2.0 update and wish it would have came earlier and I hope the delay means it is perfect. I am not a BlackBerry smartphone owner, but I am a huge fan of the 7 inch tablet form factor and loved the design and user interface on the PlayBook when I owned one. At $199 for a 16GB model, I think that the PlayBook with the 2.0 update is as compelling of a choice for a tablet as the Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook Tablet, or Samsung Galaxy Tabs.

One of the primary missing features from the PlayBook has always been stand alone email so you needed a BlackBerry smartphone to even use the device for email. With the new PlayBook OS 2.0 update you now get an email client and from what I understand it is even Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync enabled, which is something I need since I don't have a BES at work. As stated in the press release, the updated new features really make the PlayBook a new device and include the following:

  • Integrated email client with a powerful unified inbox: With BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 you have the option to use a unified inbox that consolidates all messages in one place, including messages from Facebook®, LinkedIn® and Twitter®, as well as personal and work email accounts.
  • Social Integration with Calendar and Contacts apps: The built-in calendar harnesses information from social networks and makes it available where and when users need it. Contact cards are also dynamically populated with updated information from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to create a consolidated view of contacts.
  • Updated BlackBerry Bridge app: BlackBerry® Bridge™ is a unique app that provides a Bluetooth® connection between your BlackBerry PlayBook and core apps on your BlackBerry® smartphone (including BBM™, Email, Contacts, Calendar and Browser) in order to let you view the content on the larger tablet display. With BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0, it’s easier and quicker than ever to take documents, web pages, emails and photos that appear on your BlackBerry smartphone and display them on your BlackBerry PlayBook for an optimized viewing and editing experience. The updated BlackBerry Bridge app also provides a new remote control feature that allows a BlackBerry smartphone to be used as a wireless keyboard and mouse for a BlackBerry PlayBook.
  • Improved mobile productivity: Updated document editing functions, the new Print To Go app, and increased control and manageability of corporate data with BlackBerry® Balance ™ allow you to get more out of your BlackBerry PlayBook every day. Plus, an updated virtual keyboard with auto correction and predictive next word completion learns how you type to enable faster, more accurate typing.
  • New apps and content: Thousands of new apps are being added to BlackBerry App World™ today (including a range of Android® apps that will run on the BlackBerry PlayBook). A new BlackBerry Video Store1 is launching today. Enhanced web browsing capabilities are also available with BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0.

I plan to pick up a PlayBook soon and want to do a walkthrough with the new software. The fact that I can get email, run Android apps, and now get movies through an integrated store may just propel the PlayBook up to my number one 7 inch tablet.

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  • RIM Rules

    Not too little. Not too late!!! The PB 2.0 makes the iPad 2 look like an etch-a-sketch. The iPad is a POS. The PB is amazing, better than the iPad 2 in every way.
    • Nice to see RIM still has it's fan:)

      @Volitility.. That said you are a little bit over the top and present no actual arguments only insults which tend to drag yourself down.. Not Apple nor the iPad. Or are you serving this up as an example of the out of control fanboy?<br><br>Pagan jim
      James Quinn
      • Not much different from

        a paid shill like you.
  • RE: RIM PlayBook 2.0 update: Better late than never

    No way to import Contacts from other apps--e.g., Outlook! Are they really serious that we have to hand type them all into the Playbook from scratch?
    Clark Myers
    • Silly Rabbit, it's called Blackberry Desktop Software

      @Clark Myers <br><br>Download it. :-)
      • RE: RIM PlayBook 2.0 update: Better late than never


        Is the app simply called "Desktop Software", because if it is I can't find it in the app store? Thanks
        Clark Myers
  • RE: RIM PlayBook 2.0 update: Better late than never

    Anyone have problem watching YouTube or other video after the upgrade?
  • More Like: "Better Never Than Not Working"

    Tried to add my Hotmail account, which is the main email/contact/calendar store I use. The Playbook apparently (and I stress that) supports it! This is what I have found so far:

    1) No option to only choose a section of emails (i.e. 3 days, 1week, 2 weeks, 1 month, all) that EVERY OTHER PLATFORM HAS. - this has caused the playbook to download over 5,000 emails which has taken so far a startling 18 hours!!! not what I was thinking and that beeping!!! Had to turn off the sound.

    2) My contacts have not shown up at all!!! Nothing - The Playbook is mostly useless for what I want a business / personal tablet device for... COMMUNICATION!!! CONSUMPTION!!!

    3) Oh yea, my calendar seems to have come down, I mean I have three appointments this MONTH!!!! Wierd, because my iPad, iPhone, Android Phone and Windows Phone all show that I have 5 appointments TODAY!!!

    Seriously, how did a company that built itself on portable PIM and Communication screw this up this badly???

    I will wipe it out and test it with each of the other online PIM stores, but I am not confident that, if they couldn't get Hotmail right, that they's get anything else right.
    • RE: RIM PlayBook 2.0 update: Better late than never

      @Atley ;
      I don't know. It might not be PB at all. We are talking about Hotmail, a Micro$oft product, aren't we? ;)