RIM rolls out PlayBook update 1.0.5 with improved Facebook integration

RIM rolls out PlayBook update 1.0.5 with improved Facebook integration

Summary: RIM is rolling out a new update for the PlayBook and you have to admit they are doing a good job at updating the device, now let's bring on the apps.


Even though I am disappointed that it is taking so long to get some great apps on the BlackBerry PlayBook, RIM has been good about updating the software on the PlayBook. I received an email from their PR team stating that BB Tablet OS version 1.0.5 would be coming soon and within a couple of hours it was available and installed on my own PlayBook. Others could learn from RIM how to announce and then roll out updates.

This latest update provides the following with a bit more on the details on the BlackBerry Blog:

  • Facebook for BlackBerry PlayBook -- The first Facebook app optimized for tablets now comes preloaded and introduces new features including video uploading, message deletion, Facebook search enhancements and more
  • In-App Payments Support -- Enables developers to create apps for the BlackBerry PlayBook using the BlackBerry Payment Service, which will allow users to purchase enhancements within apps such as another level in a game or a new edition of a magazine
  • Additional Language Support -- Updates language support to include: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch and UK English
  • BlackBerry PlayBook Charging Enhancements -- By simply touching the battery indicator on the BlackBerry PlayBook home screen, users can easily adjust the screen brightness or choose to restart, turn off, or put the tablet into standby mode. Other charging improvements include the ability to charge the PlayBook while it is turned off, as well as an on-screen alert to notify users if they accidentally have plugged in an incorrect charger into their BlackBerry PlayBook
  • Video Chat Connectivity -- Adds support for the TURN (Traversal Using Relay NAT) protocol, which enhances Video Chat connections between users on home, public and enterprise Wi-Fi networks
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot Detection -- Automatic Wi-Fi hotspot detection in the BlackBerry Tablet OS v1.0.5 makes it easier to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot (at a coffee shop or an airport, for example)

The Facebook app is a major improvement and so far I also like the new charging and battery pop-up functions.

If you purchased a new PlayBook starting yesterday then this update will appear in the startup process. Other can wait for it to appear on their devices or just go into your settings and tap to check for a software update.

Speaking of software, I have been waiting anxiously for a Twitter client and finally found one that does a decent job on the PlayBook. Blaq for PlayBook is available now for $1.99 and in my opinion is worth it. I like the way you can swipe away a detail pop-up by swiping from left to right (essentially "throwing it" off the page).

A few other apps I recently discovered and enjoy using include:

  • NavitaTranlator: Translates text into speech and looks great for world travel.
  • RIDGID Digital Level: A slick level app with support for the camera.
  • Spot the Difference game: I like these and have fun playing them with my 11-year old daughter.

What great apps have you discovered for the BlackBerry PlayBook?

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  • Great .... update the useless features ....

    ... while ignoring the important and missing feature (like email).
    • Re Great .... update the useless features ....


      Complete utter BS you spew. The mere use of a full browser negates the requirement for any crappy app for mail.

      Anybody uses gmail, or live.com or any of the other popular web browser interfaces to email clients out there? There!

      And the BlackBerry Bridge works like a charm for those too dense and capricious who want their email app.
      • Yes ... because the world runs on gmail and live

        @WinTard Apparently you live in a world outside of reality.

        Gmail and MS Live are not the only options in this world.
      • No, an email client is desperately needed.

        I use pop and imap email (play and work respectively) and need a full client. If you have ever seen the roadrunner webmail portal, well, let's just say, painful even with a mouse is an understatement. It also has no sync for your contacts, etc.

        I doubt I will ever use a web based mail service (except google which was used to activate my phone, otherwise unused). Why would that make me dense?
    • RE: RIM rolls out PlayBook update 1.0.5 with improved Facebook integration

      @wackoae The other "important and missing feature"S would seem to be developers, users and interest in this story.

      I know it's a busy week for news, and RIM aren't exactly big players anymore, but considering the playbook was released not ready for the market, they really don't deserve anymore attention than this.

      I'll check back in 24 hrs and see if the comments have got into double figures.
      Graham Ellison
  • RE: RIM rolls out PlayBook update 1.0.5 with improved Facebook integration

    is better now, espero ahora me conecte al bridge con mi 9780
  • densksc 57 bug

    dohtae,ncxadurf60, lccgn.