RIM updates PlayBook with BBM, Video Chat, and Home screen bookmark shortcuts

RIM updates PlayBook with BBM, Video Chat, and Home screen bookmark shortcuts

Summary: The PlayBook seems to get better every few days and the latest update adds several new features and also improves the web browser.


I was expecting lots of PlayBook news from BlackBerry World this week and RIM didn't disappoint as they provided BB Tablet OS update late last night. As pointed out on BlackBerry.com blog this update provides BBM via the Bridge, Video Chat, document editing via the Bridge, and Home screen browser bookmarks.

I had to upgrade both my PlayBook and the BBM client on the BlackBerry I am using to gain BBM access via the Bridge so if you don't see it make sure you have everything updated. I'm not a long time BB user so I need to find some BBM friends before I can really get into using BBM on the PlayBook. My favorite new feature is the ability to designate my bookmarks as Home screen shortcuts like RIM did out of the box with Twitter and Facebook. I now would like to see some more organizational support for the Home screen, such as more categories and maybe folders and subfolders too.

What is your favorite new feature in this PlayBook update?

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  • Add bookmarks to homescreen

    Just realized that when in the browser and you hit the add to favorites button, it gives the option to add the page as bookmark to the homescreen. Nice touch!
    • RE: RIM updates PlayBook with BBM, Video Chat, and Home screen bookmark shortcuts

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  • RE: RIM updates PlayBook with BBM, Video Chat, and Home screen bookmark shortcuts

    So in order to use Video Messaging you need to find another exotic friend with a playbook? No Skype? No third party programs? Good luck with the feature, you might be able to find a friend before the end of the year other than your spouse.
    • Agree, but business may like security too

      @rhon@... I agree this seems lame, but the service does go through the RIM NOC and thus for enterprise customers it may be a preferred secure way to use video or voice conferencing.
      palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
    • RE: RIM updates PlayBook with BBM, Video Chat, and Home screen bookmark shortcuts

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  • RIM Updates PlayBook with BBM ...

    I opened your piece moments ago, mainly looking to see if RIM's leadership and engineers had added integrated cellular connectivity to the latest BB updates.

    The Bridge function doesn't do it for me, because a BB smartphone is not currently anywhere near the top of my wishlist. Given the growing number of available or upcoming devices in the tablet segment from quality global brands, it's baffling as to why RIM's policy makers did not include built-in cellular connectivity into the PlayBook from the outset.
  • Gutting Butter all the Time

    I played with this in the store the other day. I'm impressed.
    Seems like it's now even better.
    Only fault I could find was a 'squishy' screen (finger pushes indent thin glass).

    If it were $300, I would buy one tomorrow! $500... no way.
    (but I still think it's a good $300 device)
  • RE: RIM updates PlayBook with BBM, Video Chat, and Home screen bookmark shortcuts

    The Playbook easily tethers to my Nokia n97 via bluetooth for internet access. The bridge does this for BBs and more.
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  • RE: RIM updates PlayBook with BBM, Video Chat, and Home screen bookmark shortcuts

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