Samsung launches a Tab teaser on Facebook

Samsung launches a Tab teaser on Facebook

Summary: In the market for a new iPad 2 or one of the many Android-based competitors? Well, hold on to your wallet a bit longer.


In the market for a new iPad 2 or one of the many Android-based competitors? Well, hold on to your wallet a bit longer.

Earlier this week Samsung launched a teaser on its Facebook page called "What's your TAB life?" Early speculation from Mashable suggests that the announcement is going to feature the rumored 8.9-inch model. I would say that the speculation is spot-on since the image that accompanies the teaser shows the numbers 78910, and there's already a 7-inch and 10.1-inch Tab.

Speaking of the 7-inch Tab, I know a lot of people haven't embraced it, but I have to say that it's the perfect size for a tablet. While I find iOS to be superior to Android at this point, especially when it comes to a tablet, the 7-inch form factor provided by the Tab is absolutely perfect, and has me continuously playing with the Tab and wondering if it could actually replace the need for the iPad.

At any rate, CTIA is set to be an interesting time with the biggest tablet news already having been covered beforehand in the form of the XOOM and the iPad 2. Are there others lurking, like the Tab that this article mentions, or will the show be a dud tablet-wise? We'll definitely know in the coming weeks.

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  • RE: Samsung launches a Tab teaser on Facebook

    The problem with Samsung right now is what to believe. All the Galaxy S owners have been duped into believing updates and improvements are coming. Some have gotten them while others haven't. Either way they are behind the competition. This is not the kind of company I want providing me with technology today. I'm an android user, but will look to others for a tablet.
  • RE: Samsung launches a Tab teaser on Facebook

    I had the galaxy tab for all of 3 weeks and loved the customizations they did to Froyo...

    What I didn't like was the lack of Gingerbread and the fact that I had two of these tablets and both broke through normal use.

    With that said, I agree 7" tablets are perfect but unfortunatey I also agree that you cannot trust samsung at this time.
    • 7" is **not** optimal -- sales showed, so Google and Co move to 10"

      @Peter Perry: phone applications look ridiculously big on this device (it is twice bigger than needed), while actual tablet application will look super-deformingly small (twice smaller than needed).

      But, anyway, Android 3.* will be not run on 7" devices, thankfully. 8.9" is like minimum screen size of this OS.
      • RE: Samsung launches a Tab teaser on Facebook

        @denisrs no it actually isn't, the Dell Streak is getting honeycomb and the OS does not require a dual core CPU even though it has support for it.

        Oh and as for phone apps, they looked perfectly fine on the device once they added the few lines of code that optimized it for the Tablet.

        No joke, the Galaxy Tablet was the best Tablet experience I had to date in terms of usefulness and yes I have owned an iPad for several months.

        I was genuinely upset when it broke a second time and really wish that a better company had built that thing... needless to say, I now believe the 16% return rate that was quoted.
      • RE: Samsung launches a Tab teaser on Facebook

        @denisrs Phone apps look ridiculously big and tab apps look super-deformingly small? Is that the experience you had on your Galaxy Tab because it seems very different than the one on mine. I downloaded one program (Spare Parts) that I also have had on my Evo for months, clicked one box and haven't a single problem. Even before that, I found very few anomalies and nothing that looked as bad as some of the iphone apps look on my iPad.

        And as Peter has stated, Dell has already announced that they are bringing Honeycomb to their Dell Streak.
      • RE: Samsung launches a Tab teaser on Facebook

        @denisrs Oh and one more note, 7" is much more optimal but what sales showed was that Apple's Marketing was better than Samsung's Marketing.

        Believe me, as much as I like the XOOM and actually enjoyed using the iPad when it didn't get in the way, they are far from optimal size... The XOOM is a little better than the iPad in this respect because at least it has a short side but the size of the Galaxy Tab was in fact Perfect!
    • 7" Puke

      @Peter Perry
      Not 7"... 8" is far more ideal. Like most things in life, it's not what is at the extremes (7" vs 9.7" in this case), it's what lies in the middle that really counts. I have tablets of all three sizes and guess what... the 8" is by far the 'most ideal of the three!!
  • Is that the number ....

    of gTabs actually sold or the number of returned due to defects?
  • RE: Samsung launches a Tab teaser on Facebook

    The Galaxy Tab 10.1 has better specs than the iPad2. First off it is 599g vs 607g for the ipad2 so it is lighter. It has stereo speakers vs mono on the ipad. The cameras on the ipad2 are junk. VGA front and a non-specificied 720p in the back. Galaxy Tab 10.1 has 5mp in front and 8mp in back with 1080i video. No contest. The resolution of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 screen is also higher and it has a bigger battery. The thickness difference between the two is all of 2/10 of an is that a big deal? most will barely notice and would much prefer the better specs on the Galaxy Tab 10.1. See more at
  • Who has displays?

    Fielding 3 models at 7, 9, and 10 inches is actually quite smart. It allows Samsung to bottom-fish for displays in a world where Apple has already purchased 60% of the world's output (including Samsung's in-house display division).

    If Samsung can't get any 10-inchers, maybe they can find some 9's, or 7's. Whatever they can grab, they'll already have a design and a production line set up for it.

    What I wonder is whether many 9-inch or even 7-inch display production lines will keep cranking. With Apple out there buying everything they can get their hands on, who wouldn't want to board the gravy train?
    Robert Hahn
  • I'm waiting.... a couple years

    I view the iPad as too large to lug around with me. The Tab intrigues me, but it's too new. It also doesn't come in a wifi only model far as I know, and I have no interest in spending money on a data plan.

    I'm going to wait.... and wait. I want the winners and losers to be sorted out. I also suspect that I'll score a decent tablet for $300 or less in a few years.
  • RE: Samsung launches a Tab teaser on Facebook

    I have a Galaxy S phone, there is no way to adjust out the green bias of the super amoled screen. I compared it directly to an iPhone4 and it looks bad by comparison... if Samsung provides a way to adjust out the green bias I'd get any of their products with the super amoled screen but otherwise, forgetaboutit
  • vaporware?

    By not telling the customer what to expect, these companies simply try to hold consumers from spending their money. In the end it is always disappointing. High prices, low specs. I would not hold on to my money If I needed a tablet now. They all seem to have big blue eyes that we must trust nowadays.