Surf faster on your mobile device for free

Surf faster on your mobile device for free

Summary: Changing your default DNS addresses may speed up your mobile browsing experience and is free to try. Many users have seen improvements with T-Mobile's data connection and it can't hurt to at least give it a try.

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I surf quite a bit on my mobile devices and am actually satisfied with the EDGE data speeds I see most of the time on my T-Mobile unlimited data account. It is tons faster than the way I used to connect wirelessly a couple years ago, but it is a bit disheartening to see everyone else getting 3G wireless data speeds while T-Mobile is a bit quiet on their plans. I was made aware of an interesting thread going on over at MoDaCo that shows how you can change the DNS settings on your mobile device that may speed up wireless data speeds. It seems that T-Mobile in particular has DNS addresses that are a bit slow by default and using DNS settings from OpenDNS or OpenNIC appear to provide faster browsing. I updated the DNS settings on my Nokia E61 and am testing out the speed differences at this time.

firesurfer.jpgThe MoDaCo thread has details for Windows Mobile Smartphone and Pocket PC Phone Edition devices, but the same DNS changes can be made to other mobile devices. On Nokia S60 3rd Edition devices, first make sure you device is offline and then go to Tools>Settings>Connection>Access Points and then select you wireless data access point. In Edit mode select Options>Advanced settings and you will see the 3rd line down allows you to specify DNS addresses. After you enter the primary address the secondary one will open up for editing by default.

Chris Pirillo talked about the DNS trick for Windows computers last month and also has a tip for faster surfing with FastCache. Check out these methods and see if your wireless browsing experience improves.

Topic: Mobility

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  • Tried it on Verizon EVDO on a Samsung i730 Pocket PC Phone

    Hard to make an objective judgement, but it seems snappier so far! I'm using the OpenDNS servers, which I use at home, too, and besides faster lookup, you also get all the other benefits of OpenDNS - typo correction, etc.

    Cool idea - we should have thought of this sooner! Thanks for sharing!
    • I would not have thought of EVDO

      I wasn't even thinking of trying this on EVDO networks as they are quite fast already, but the news is great if even you are seeing faster results. I need to make direct measurements because it sure seems faster, but I don't want my desire for faster access to sway reality.
      palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)