Thanks to the Apple iPad I may just skip the iPhone 4

Thanks to the Apple iPad I may just skip the iPhone 4

Summary: I find my iPad is an awesome upgrade to my iPhone and now see no reason to get an iPhone 4 thanks to Steve Jobs himself. Is anyone else skipping the iPhone 4 to stick with their iPad?


Apple and AT&T had some major issues with their iPhone 4 ordering system these past couple of days that I know frustrated Joel and has some of my coworkers wondering if they will see on iPhone on June 24th or not. It wasn't the miserable iPhone 4 ordering process that kept me from trying to make a purchase, but it was the fact that I already have excellent smartphones (like the HTC EVO 4G) and I find the Apple iPad meets my needs much more than an iPhone device does and I am not sure I am willing to go back to another small screen device, even if the display is fantastic.

I have an iPhone 3GS, but I rarely use it since there is too much I like about the Android OS instead (notifications, glanceable home screens, easy tethering, etc.) and figure I can just upgrade it to iOS 4 next week. I was hesitant to buy the iPad and now that I have had it for two months I completely understand why Jobs thinks it is magical and revolutionary. My iPad is a perfect device for commuting on the train, traveling light in the airplane, getting work done on international trips where you want to pack light, playing games, ebook reading, and so much more. I have been using the Kobo Reader application and have been devouring more books on my iPad than I have on my Nook or Sony Reader.

I always felt cramped on the Apple iPhone and the large display of the iPad does more than just make the iPad a big iPod touch. There are thousands of apps that are optimized for the large display and even the email and Safari web browser applications are so much better on the iPad than on the iPhone. I have been doing much more Bible study on the Apple iPad than I used to on my smartphones and that alone makes the iPad worth the price.

I read an interesting article about why a guy returned his iPad and it turns out it was because he was too productive and never took a break or disconnected himself. I can somewhat relate, as many mobile tech writers probably can, but thankfully have the self control to put down my electronics and spend several hours a day coaching my daughters, exercising, or just hanging out with my girls so I am able to keep from letting my iPad control my life.

Another aspect of the iPad that is a benefit over the iPhone 4 is the lack of carrier lock in. I can use my iPad to my heart's content without worrying about the 2GB data limit, dropped calls, and spotty coverage of AT&T. I have T-Mobile and now Sprint devices to tether to, as well as WiFi areas to use my iPad.

It is pretty funny that Steve Jobs' own product has convinced me to skip the latest and greatest iPhone. The challenge for me now is to see if I can hold out and skip getting in line for the iPhone 4 next Thursday (I did reserve one for in store pickup just in case). Can any of you relate to my feelings on the iPad over the iPhone 4?

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  • Wait for iPhone 4 for CDMA-4G, because EVO 4G is *way* worse than iPhone 4

    Wait for iPhone 4 for CDMA-4G, because EVO 4G is *way* worse than iPhone 4

    You might want to read what David Pogue wrote on EVO 4G:

    Anyway, EVO 4G has some major lacks comparing to iPhone 4:
    1) hyped videocalls are not really working; and even when those will, it will still be messy setup and like night and day comparing so seamless experience that FaceTime offers;

    2) hyped 4G networks (which are not actually 4G -- it is false advertisement; you might want to look at 4G proposed specifications) exist only in couple of patchy-covered regions of USA and it will take forever to actually cover any reasonably significat area of the country;

    3) Android still offers rather crude experience comparing to supersolid iOS+iPhone;

    4) EVO is bulky and with the interface which Google projected for devices with 2.8" diagonal or slightly more seem almost ridiculous; and with that bricky thickness you are not going to want this device bubbling in your pockets;

    5) EVO has slower Wi-Fi (no "n") mode;

    6) EVO has **way** less of working time -- every reviewer mentioned battery is problectic;

    7) you can not EVEN start to compare the screen quality; not only EVO's has way less DPI, but it also is not IPS;

    8) despite better formal resolution of rear camera, EVO's sensor is a) supertiny b) no backslide technology. This with super cheapo optics will render bigger megapixels comparing to iPhone 4 useless.

    9) some other things.

    Not that iPhone 4 is perfect, but it still much better than EVO 4G (or Droid X will be)
    • RE: Thanks to the Apple iPad I may just skip the iPhone 4

      @denisrs - How old are you? Five?
      That was really funny. You're cute. Comparing a shipping product to one you haven't seen. I especially loved your number nine. Classic!
      • review

        @Evets Sboj
        but you read the review, right?
        banned from zdnet
      • RE: Thanks to the Apple iPad I may just skip the iPhone 4

        @Evets Sboj
        True that point 3 & 7 are about comparing with iPhone, but the rest are just pointing out EVO's short-comes
  • I feel you

    I actually feel the same way. Ever since I had my ipad I have been using my iphone far less. It has covered most of what I need in a device in a smaller, easier to carry form. I at this point am not interested in a iphone4 but am looking towards an android device.
  • unbelievable

    matthew, correct me if i am wrong, are you saying that - as always - apple was completely right and all you naysaying, clueless bloggers (it doesn't have a usb port and a camera!) were completely wrong about the ipad? you are saying it is indeed magical and revolutionary at an unbelievable price as apple advertised from the beginning? (and a much better e-reader, too! oh the humanity).

    well, at least you have the guts to admit that you were wrong.
    banned from zdnet
    • RE: Thanks to the Apple iPad I may just skip the iPhone 4

      @banned from zdnet If you read my previous articles and several others I wrote about the iPad you will see that I am actually quite a fan of the device and find it very useful. I was hesitant to buy it, but after I did on launch day I have no regrets and wouldn't say I was completely wrong about it. There are obviously areas for improvement, but IMHO these are far outweighed by its usefulness.
      palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
      • RE: Thanks to the Apple iPad I may just skip the iPhone 4

        @palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller) <br><br><i>There are obviously areas for improvement, <b>but IMHO these are far outweighed by its usefulness.</b></i><br><br>And this is what many don't get, even with the original iPhone. They looked at what it's missing instead of what greatness it's offering. But it is funny how all the negative coverage on the iPad all suddenly came to a screeching halt around here.
  • RE: Thanks to the Apple iPad I may just skip the iPhone 4

    The Evo will replace my iPad and iPhone 3GS. It has everything in one device and more. Its large enough to be a reader, it can act as a wireless data card for up to 8 other WiFi enabled devices, It works on a 3G & 4G platform, It has wireless Video Chatting on 3G & 4G and it can be easily ported in our pockets and handbags without occupying too much space.
    William Wallace
    • oh william

      @William Wallace
      before you decide you should read this:

      remember: empty bullet points on a feature list, don't make a good phone ;-)
      banned from zdnet
    • So your EVO Will magically have a large screen?

      @William Wallace <br><br>1. I doubt you have an iPad, or you would have noticed how much larger the screen is than the EVO.<br><br>2. The iPhone 4 will also do all this for you - so if you have an iPad and an iPhone 3GS, and you wanted to combine them you would buy an iPhone 4 rather than starting from scratch.<br><br>This sounds remarkably like you read this article and assumed that the point was that the iPad and iPhone functionality were separate, and by arguing for the EVO you could claim it was better than the iPhone and the iPad, totally missing that the EVO offers nothing here of any value that the iPhone 4 offers.<br><br>Screen size: EVO slightly above iPhone, iPad way better.<br>Screen resolution: iPhone 4 leaves EVO for dead.<br>Camera: 8mp on EVO, but that's just useless pixels with a chip of that size, and a lens of that quality.<br>WiFi Hotspot:EVO has it, costs as much as a separate data plan anyway, drains battery.<br>Battery Life: iPhones should be longer, EVO way shorter than iPhone. iPad, quite good as it isn't your phone, so you are not draining your phone battery by using it.
      <br><br>So do you really have an iPad? Have you noticed that the screen is somewhat larger than the EVO?<br><br>Does Matthew Miller's preference for the iPad screen size make sense to you?<br><br>It certainly makes sense to me, the one thing I don't like about the iPhone, or any other phone, is the screen size, and no, 4.3 inches is not enough of an increase to make it better for me.<br><br>When somebody figures out how to put a 9 inch screen on a 4 inch phone I will be very happy.<br><br>
      (Some of the comparisons made based on the David Pogue review, obviously I have not used an iPhone 4 or EVO. I have not used an iPad much either.)
    • You think so?

      @William Wallace

      You think you're going to do any serious reading on that litte EVO screen? Not bloody likely!

      The iPad bitch-slaps that sad little EVO. Besides, the apps for android are shit compared to the apps for the iPad.
    • You don't own an iPad

      @William Wallace

      Who are you kidding? You don't own an iPad...and you probably don't own an iPhone 3GS...I doubt seriously that you'll own an EVO.
  • I'll believe it when...

    Nice piece Matt! BUT... with all due respect... having watched your smartphone exploits over the years... I'll believe it when I see it.
    I want to see if you held out come next Friday. :)
    • RE: Thanks to the Apple iPad I may just skip the iPhone 4

      hahahaha, blogger challenge! :)

      Great post, Matt. Curious when you're recommending an iPad, would you say the 16gb version is enough for most users?
      • RE: Thanks to the Apple iPad I may just skip the iPhone 4

        @kenjionozawa I honestly think so. Without a camera to create content and a device too large to really carry and listen to lots of music the only thing taking up space is apps and movie files, which are easily managed with a PC/Mac too. I don't regret the 32GB purchase, but could have just bought the 16GB one too.
        palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
    • RE: Thanks to the Apple iPad I may just skip the iPhone 4

      @dmcohen Dan, you are the one who pushed me off the edge as I was thinking about the iPad. Thank you BTW, I REALLY find it to be extremely useful for how I roll. On the other hand, I am not ready to make a commitment to AT&T at this time, especially with their limited data, dropped calls, and higher ETF. The EVO is a better deal and I really do like the notifications, widgets, and big old screen.
      palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
  • RE: Thanks to the Apple iPad I may just skip the iPhone 4

    I have to agree with Mr. Miller. I was afraid that I would me sorry that had spent over $500 for the iPad, but now my other computers, Macs and Wins, are almost in mothballs. It's great! As far as a phone goes, all I do with a phone is make phone calls, so my $5.00 Tracfone with no contracts and 5 cents a minute to Canada, Mexico and US will do for now. It works all over the US.
  • Thanks to my lucky stars i WILL SKIP IT ALL!!!

    My cell phone does more now than I want or need. You dummies spend way to much time playing with gadgets. And yes, I did say dummies. Demonstrable dummies!
  • RE: Is anyone else skipping the iPhone 4 to stick with their iPad?

    I have an iPad and will own an iPhone 4 on June 24th as well.