The HTC Excalibur may be coming as the T-Mobile Dash

The HTC Excalibur may be coming as the T-Mobile Dash

Summary: The HTC Excalibur Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone is rumored to be coming to T-Mobile USA. O2 is releasing the device as the O2 Cosmo so we know it is available for carriers and think T-Mobile would be a perfect fit for a Smartphone with integrated WiFi.

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tmobiledash.jpgI posted an earlier article on the HTC Excalibur Smartphone with QWERTY keyboard that would be joining the competition with the Motorola Q and Samsung i320 back in July. A MoDaCo discussion forum member (name removed) posted some information that actually has me a bit excited about the device now since it looks like the Excalibur may be coming to T-Mobile USA There was a photo on MoDaCo, but it is no longer there and I found a link to the article on the::unwired. It looks like the device may be coming as the T-Mobile Dash and rumored specs are Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone OS with TI OMAP 850 processor running at 200 MHz (this is plenty fast for the Smartphone OS), 128 MB ROM, 64MB RAM, integrated WiFi and Bluetooth, QVGA landscape display, and of course, the QWERTY keyboard. No details on operating frequencies has been provided. As a T-Mobile customer, I would like to see a QWERTY WM Smartphone offering and hope the rumor is true.

Credit: the::unwired

Topic: Mobility

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  • <expletive> QWERTY

    Give me my freaking Graphitti pad back!

    If it weren't such a pain carrying around both a PDA and a cellphone, I'd ditch the current Treo and go back to a plain phone and my old Titanium. At least the touchpad is usable without my reading glasses, and it's several times as fast as trying to type with a stylus.

    QWERTY keyboards are useless once they get small enough that you need a pencil point to pick out the letters.
    Yagotta B. Kidding