The Nokia 5500 Sport supports your active lifestyle

The Nokia 5500 Sport supports your active lifestyle

Summary: It isn't really a good practice to take your mobile phone with you on a workout, but Nokia encourages it with their 5500 Sport model that is built for the abuse and sweat of the gym. Their latest Music Edition includes some accessories to help you get out and about right out of the box. Unfortunately, there is no timetable or news of a U.S. release of this model S60 smartphone.

Nokia 5500 Sport

Credit: Nokia

Active people who have mobile phones they pack along with them to the gym or on the road tend to drop and trash their devices more than the standard office business user. I was able to spend some time with Nokia's 5500 Sport model smartphone and was pretty impressed by its durability, form factor, and functionality. The device is smaller than it appears in photos and felt great in my hand. The accelerometer integrated in the device is used for the pedometer application and for audio player control, but Nokia also has a unique and enjoyable Groovy Labyrinth game where you control the marble's movement by tilting the 5500 in different directions. The 5500 also has text to speech capabilities so that your text messages can be read to you while you work out. Other specs include an integrated MP3 player with FM radio, integrated 2 megapixel camera, and stainless steel body.

Nokia just announced an enhanced version of the Nokia 5500 called the Nokia 5500 Sport Music Edition that includes a 512MB microSD card, fitness carrying strap, bicycle holder and sports headset with a new accented color. This new package now allows people to get setup and using the 5500 in their workouts without having to buy any additional accessories.

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  • cool phone but not good enough !!!

    How about a mobile phone that's waterproof so you can chuck it in the pool or take it surfing. Sometimes it's such a long wait between sets, a mobile to do some calls on would just be the shot.

    Huge market potentially.
  • Different Mobiles for Different Segments?

    Thanks for the interesting update on 5500...

    I track mobile research & usage trends for a page I'm putting up on the future of mobile economy ( ), and news items such as these make me wonder whether we are going to have a whole range of mobile devices in future based on specific user segments - I'm sure it is already happening in a small way - as in the case mentioned in your blog - but the possibilities for segmentation could be far higher in future...mobiles for seniors, mobiles for pregnant women etc...which enable each of these segments to do activities specific to their segment...

    Just some thoughts, nice article, thanks again!

    NS @ - Mobinomy - For the Mobile Economy