Walmart to start selling new iPad at 12:01 am tonight

Walmart to start selling new iPad at 12:01 am tonight

Summary: Apple stores will start selling the new iPad in stores at 8 am and there are probably already lines forming. Walmart sent out an email that they will start selling them just after midnight tonight.

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My new Verizon LTE 32GB iPad is on its way to me via FedEx and my plan is to go into work and then head home early to collect my new device. I just received the following email from a PR agency below that gives me another alternative to pick up an iPad early and start my day with the new iPad. Then again, if the people going to Walmart for the new iPad are anything like the ones who stampede the store on Black Friday it will be much safer to stay away from the rabid Apple fans.

If you want to be the first person amongst your friends and colleagues to have the new iPad, you will need to head to your local Walmart. Starting at 12:01 a.m. local time on March 16, a limited supply of the new iPad will be available at your local 24-hour Walmart. Other retailers’ doors don’t open until 8 a.m. local time, so you can get to work on time and beat the rush by coming to Walmart.

The email also just stated the pricing for the 16GB WiFi models so I asked if other models would be available. I want the Verizon LTE one and if that is an option I may just head on over late tonight to see if I can get one. Last time I went on the hunt and found my iPad 2 at Walmart I ended up buying the 64GB AT&T 3G one even though I had initially planned to just get the 32GB WiFi one.

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Topics: iPad, Mobility

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  • I think Apple are rich enough...

    I like Apple products but the same old ipad each year with a few flashy improvements, I think I'll keep my money for a Windows 8 tablet. From what I saw the other day on a Samsung tablet, thats the OS for me.
    • If it has "new flashy improvements" then it's not the same

      old iPad.... Now is it

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
  • Really?

    Who stands in a queue at midnight to get a device that is thicker, heavier, has the same battery life as its predecessor and sports the same 4:3 screen? I don't think anyone would have any trouble buying one during standard shop hours ;-)
  • Who Cares it will still be selling after midnight tonight!

    My topic says it all, what does it prove that peoples values are so low they got to stand in line at midnight to buy a device that to download new apps will over load the servers till a day or two later. Please get a grip.
  • new? ipad

    Where are the lines? No pre order figures? I think enthusiasm has dwindled. Afterall who wants to dish out 800$ every 9 months to a year for cosmetic surgery. All are waiting for win 8 tablets. Not that geeks will not buy in large no. they will.
    • Actually for cosmetic surgery 800 is a DEAL!!!!

      The most popular iPad sells in the 499.00 range not 800 by the by. When are we going to see a Win8 tablet? About the time the iPad 4 will be out?

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
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