What's coming soon at AT&T and Verizon? A new iPad?

What's coming soon at AT&T and Verizon? A new iPad?

Summary: Will Apple announce a new iPad today, available on Verizon and AT&T simultaneously?


Today is the big Apple event and this time, instead of the hype just being around Apple, it's extending to AT&T and Verizon.

Technologytell was the first one to point out that both AT&T and Verizon have a "coming soon" on their sites. This could be the device that's going to be announced today by Apple, or it could just be that AT&T and Verizon are capitalizing on the hype that's being generated, to drive traffic to their site.

I'm sure that something new is "coming soon", but it's not clear if that's actually an Apple product. If it is, there are more than enough rumor round ups, including a possible ship date of March 16th. The fact that AT&T and Verizon are both teasing something could point to the rumored LTE iPad being available the same day, on both networks.

As of this writing, the "coming soon" for AT&T is still up (see below) but the Verizon one has gone missing.

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  • It's the Lumia 900

    Forget about the iToy. AT&T is gearing up for the Lumia 900 launch. At least, here's hoping...
    • Heavens...

      "I think AT&T is gearing up for the Lumia 900 launch, for which I'm waiting."

      Cleanly stated, includes the buzz marketing, and omits the sneer. And a point that makes some sense, though, the coincidence of Verizon also having a curtain on an announcement isn't quite covered. Let me point out that the Lumia is a phone and a product that addresses a different set of customer concerns.

      Apologies if Cossacks with iPads assaulted your relatives and your post is obligated by the familial blood feud.

      To the real point cave. Subsidized iPads. Hmm. I doubt that because the carriers still seem to want to emphasize the voice business. Given FaceTime, Messages, and Skype, that iPad has quite a few ways to draw off voice customers. I suppose a two year data contract would work, but I have to figure that the profit per month per customer on a tablet is necessarily lower than for the smartphone customer.

      4G/LTE is a rumor, so maybe one can buy iPads in their stores and today's announcement will have them as a tangential item. I can see the script: And the iPad (2s | 2 HD | 3) will cost ...... (Hold for applause) and the 16 GB iPad2 will be our entry iPad (Hold for Applause) and cost [Keynote sparkle effect.] $349. (Hold for massive applause). And we are pleased to say that you can buy them in AT&T and Verizon stores. (Slight pause, in case applause happens, but it won't.) [iPad segment completed.]

      But, again, the iPad potentially disrupts the carrier's voice business., so I have my doubts about this exact scenario.

      Okay. A few hours and we'll know. I can wait.
    • iToy? Really?

      Ticked off that tech blogs are not paying as much attention to the Lumia 900 as they are the iPad?
      • A Toy Indeed

        Nah. I'm a tablet PC user, and I think of the iPad as a toy that can't do real work. Highly unpopular with the Apple-adoring masses, I know. There are always those who stop their game of Angry Birds for a few minutes to concoct a scenario where you can use the iPad for actual productive work ... it's indeed quite amusing. (OK, I know there are things the iPad suffices for just fine, including much of the real work plenty of people do. I still think there's a lot it's lacking, and most people don't use it for more than entertainment.)
      • Ticked Off

        I don't care too much about whether or not the tech press is paying attention. Now, it does seem that AT&T had them push back the release date for the Lumia 900 so it wouldn't be at the same time (3/17) as the March 16 iPad HD availability date. That does tick me off ... been waiting for quite a while already.
  • zdnet too late

    Why the heck did this end-up in my email box 21 hours after the grand unveiling yesterday? Is it the fault of my email carrier? Zdnet's fault? How about the fault of the highly opinionated commentators?

    (Perhaps it was an angel protecting me from having to read meaningless comments until a day late.)
    • Is It Too Late?

      The interesting thing is that the "Coming Soon" screen and the curtain are still on AT&T's homepage as screen two after the iPad announcement. Makes little sense that it would have been for the iPad announcement and then be left as the second screen. I.e., there may still be something left to announce (or some people at AT&T's web department really don't have their act together).