Who needs a portable DVD player when you have an iPad?

Who needs a portable DVD player when you have an iPad?

Summary: The iPad is a great productivity tool, and also the ultimate pacifier.

TOPICS: iPad, Hardware, Mobility

I am writing this post on my iPhone while on vacation. After not being able to find anything on television for the kids to watch, I remembered that I had ripped a copy of Ice Age 3 on my iPad for testing a while back. Thanks to the wonders of Apple's iPad case, the iPad is now serving as the ultimate portable DVD player, and I am able to write this while sitting on the couch.

The only drawback is that the audio is a bit low. I am not sure if it's the iPad's fault or if I ripped the movie with a low audio level. Regardless, the kids haven't complained so life is good.

A friend had suggested that I bring the iPad instead of a laptop so that I wouldn't be tempted to go into full work mode while away. I am glad I followed his advice since it's already proving more useful than I had anticipated.

Topics: iPad, Hardware, Mobility

Joel Evans

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  • It just needs an SD slot, so we can load up at 32GB SD cards with movies

    ripped from our DVD collections!!

    Still waiting for a 11.5 or 12 inch Android model with SD slots and USB.
    • Also, video out would be nice to hook up to the TV in your hotel room.

      • Who'd watch DVD on a 10'1 inch screen

        ... if not under gunpoint? Even a 25-inch PC monitor feels small.
      • Kids


        And travellers, but wasn't that a given from the article?
      • RE: Who needs a portable DVD player when you have an iPad?

        @oncall Travellers have netbooks about 200$ more affordable.
      • That's sure good to know

        "Travellers have netbooks about 200$ more affordable."

        Your point being?
      • RE: Who needs a portable DVD player when you have an iPad?

        I can confirm using Netflix on a knock-off iPad av cable works great.
      • @LBiege, so your point isn't...

        ...about about the small screen. It's about plugging Windoze powered netbooks, right?<br><br>With screens even smaller than the iPad?<br><br>Nice plug ;)
        ubiquitous one
    • Right. Because we all want to go back to the days of

      floppies where you had to keep track of what was stored on what.
      • Well, if some slots were internal, and not easily extractable from the

        outside, it would be more like hard drive expansion, so your movies were always with you.
    • RE: Who needs a portable DVD player when you have an iPad?

      @DonnieBoy our website: http://www.avitoipad.net/dvd-to-ipad.html can help you convert any HD/SD videos, DVD movies, even Blu-ray DVDs to iPad, iPhone, iPod for playing anywhere anytime.
      James Denton
      • RE: Who needs a portable DVD player when you have an iPad?

        @James Denton
        This is another site that promote the same program for watching movies on iPad.http://www.dvd-to-iphone4.com/dvd-to-ipad-converter.html
    • RE: Who needs a portable DVD player when you have an iPad?

      Won't the photo sd/USB connector do that. I'm sure ios4 will add some surprises too. Free MobileMe comes to mind.
  • The only drawback is audio volume????

    How about cost $399 vs less than $200 (less than $100 for a cheap DVD player)?
    How does it play 20 plays of the same video in a car or airplane? 3G video is costly. Wifi and 3G not available everywhere (moving vehicles).
    Which is cheaper to replace after abuse?
    • Well, the iPad offers a much better experience than a portable DVD player,

      AND, can do a lot more, like check email, read books, read news, browse in general.
      • RE: Who needs a portable DVD player when you have an iPad?

        If movies are all you want then fine. I have a great set of portable speaker from JBL that really boost iPad sound quality.
  • How is it a great productivity tool?

    I have yet to hear about the iPad being used in any significant numbers other than a cool device with which to read books, watch movies, and play games.

    This is not to say it can't be used in a productive way. I think there's a niche where it can. But if it lacked the capability of being a book reader, movie tablet, and game device I don't think we'd hear much about it.
    • I am personally waiting for a larger screen Android model, with USB, SD, so

      that you could carry a folding keyboard and mouse, and put it on a stand. Then you truely could eliminate the laptop on many trips.
      • RE: Who needs a portable DVD player when you have an iPad?

        @DonnieBoy Well, there's a plethora of iPad stands, and the iPad also supports bluetooth keyboards. Unfortunately, the data port on the iPad doesn't provide enough juice for things like HDDs, but using a camera adapter (which is just an Apple data port to female USB adapter), you <i>can</i> use a flash drive or low-power USB keyboard with it. Unfortunately, iPad won't read anything from the flash drive except for photos and movies without being jailbroken.

        If used in conjunction with a powered USB hub (of if your HD has an AC adapter), then you can connect a USB HD to the iPad. Again, unless your iPad is jailbroken, you won't be doing with the HD since the iPad doesn't come with any drivers for many if not most large format disks.

        Then again, my comment is completely moot, since you weren't expecting an answer, and have no intention of ever getting an iPad anyway.
      • Well, the main deal-breaker for me on the iPad is the lack of SD and USB,

        that you do not have to jump through hoops and buy extra poop to use.

        But, it is a bit over priced, and I would like a larger screen too!!