10 cool iPad apps you don't want to miss

10 cool iPad apps you don't want to miss

Summary: There are some real gems in the iPad App Store if you can find them. This selection will appeal to most iPad owners.

TOPICS: iPad, Apps, Mobility

The app store is full of apps for the iPad, some good and others that should be avoided. That makes finding good apps a satisfying but daunting task. My addiction to good apps keeps me trying more of them than most people, and the result is worth it. These 10 apps for the iPad are very cool but not very well-known.

10 cool apps for the iPad you don't want to miss

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Topics: iPad, Apps, Mobility

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  • Here is the list

    In case you don't want to go through this annoying, forever-clicking format:

    Total War Battles - $6.99
    Snapseed - $4.99
    MagicPlan - Free
    TouchTV - Free
    Hotels.com HD - Free
    Team Stream HD - Free
    News.me - Free
    iTunes Movie Trailers - Free
    Appetites - Free
    Sticky Notes - Free
    • 2012 . . .

      . . . and that horrid for of list is still being used. :-(

      Thankyou for the list. :-)
  • 10 cool iPad apps

    pfft only Snapseed is a great app the other 9 is crap to me..

    here's my top ten
    What's On by zap2it
    Gt Racing
    SuperBall 3

    and many many more
  • Snapseed??? What?

    I too have Snapseed on my iPad. It's an okay app. It's not even close to being the great image editor which it's sales and reputation lead people to believe. Snapseed gets very little usage by myself because there's so many other much better apps to choose from.

    What leads people to feel Snapseed is a good app is it's incredible interface. I give it an A+ for the way it does things, but I give it a much lesser grade for it's features. It just doesn't do enough.
  • TGrand

    My favorite iPad app video game is FlySmacker - http://www.FlySmacker.com

    Very addictive and fun.
  • Beesy

    My essential iPad app for business is Beesy. It's a great tool for my everyday life at work. help to sort out and don't forget a thing on my differents projects. Very useful also in meeting with I can take note and send minutes at the end of the meeting by mail very quickly and easily. http://www.beesapps.com/beesy-ipad-to-do/