Android app of the day: HD Widgets

Android app of the day: HD Widgets

Summary: The Android app of the day installs a collection of home screen widgets for Honeycomb tablets that look good and add useful features.

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One of the nice customization features of Android is the ability to add widgets to home screens that serve a variety of purposes. While most widgets for Android work fine on Honeycomb tablets, not that many are created especially for the big screen. The app of the day, HD Widgets, is only available for tablets, and it is pretty good.

Screen shots of HD widgets on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

HD Widgets is a clock and weather widget that is written in high resolution for tablet screens. Once installed it adds a number of widgets for the tablet home screen, in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit any layout. All of the widgets have a clock and weather feature which is configurable to fit the user's preferences. The weather forecast strip in most of the HD Widgets can be exchanged for a useful bar that gives home screen access to flight mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and screen brightness.

You can have multiple instances/ configurations of HD Widgets on the tablet home screen if desired. The app is $1.99 in the Android Market, available for Honeycomb tablets only at this time.

Note: check out the photo gallery in the link above. At the time of publishing this review it was not possible to include screen shots in the article due to technical issues.


Topics: Apps, Android

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  • What is the benefit of the widget being in HD?

    Michael Alan Goff
    • Re: What is the benefit of the widget being in HD?

      @Michael Alan Goff "HD" seems to be a term for "tablet version of a mobile app".
      • RE: Android app of the day: HD Widgets


        I guess the video on the page explained it, but for some reason it kept crashing flash.
        Michael Alan Goff