Barnes and Noble dropping BlackBerry

Barnes and Noble dropping BlackBerry

Summary: Bookseller Barnes & Noble are dropping the BlackBerry version of its ereader app. Beginning today new purchases cannot be directly pushed onto phones, with support totally ending this year.


It seems RIM's BlackBerry can't catch a break, with dismal sales of both phones and the PlayBook tablet. As if things weren't bad enough, bookseller Barnes & Noble this week quietly put the hammer to the BlackBerry. B&N sent an email to users of its ereader app on the BlackBerry to inform them of its upcoming dropping of the platform.

Barnes & Noble put it eloquently, but made its intentions crystal clear in regards to continued support of the BlackBerry app.

  • As of October 5, 2011 only previously purchased B&N digital content will remain accessible and available on your device.
  • As of October 5, 2011, you will not be able to purchase and download new B&N digital content on your BlackBerry device via the BN eReader software for BlackBerry. All newly purchased B&N digital content must be sideloaded onto your BlackBerry.
  • Beginning January 1, 2012, BN eReader software for BlackBerry will no longer allow you to download any new and/or archived B&N digital content directly to your device. All new and archived B&N digital content must be sideloaded on your BlackBerry device.
  • After December 31, 2011, previously purchased B&N digital content that has already been downloaded and/or sideloaded on your BlackBerry device will remain accessible and available to you on your device.

No reason is offered by the bookseller but it is telling that even though it already has the app on the BlackBerry, and it allows purchasing content from B&N, it is no longer going to let that happen. Perhaps the company finds it too expensive to maintain and support the BlackBerry. It is a drastic measure to kill a platform that can currently purchase content.

B&N has gone all in with its Nook app for purchasing and reading ebooks from its store, but there is not version of the app for the BlackBerry. Things just keep looking worse for RIM.

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  • RE: Barnes and Noble dropping BlackBerry

    Just three letters separate RIM from RIP.

    Coincidence? YOU DECIDE!
  • Did anyone notice?

    Who reads a book on a screen that size? It's a phone for crying out loud!
  • RE: Barnes and Noble dropping BlackBerry

    Who cares? B&N is filing for Bankruptcy.
    • RE: Barnes and Noble dropping BlackBerry

      @powerphrase@... Do you have any proof of this? A Google search turned up nothing on the subject of B&N filing for bankruptcy.
  • RE: Barnes and Noble dropping BlackBerry

    what's B&N?
  • Yeah more islands of content

    The industry play on being content warlords is sickening. Do we really want to be locked into one ecosystem based on the device you buy? Consumer choice is being steamrolled as everyone races to grab their own slice of the mobile pie.

    B&N might want to make as many friends as they can as Kindle Fire is going to blow them up. A B&N app for Playbook would give them another platform to sell on.

    But yeah B&N App for Blackberry smartphones don't make sense. Too many models, not really functionality on below 3" screen.
  • RE: Barnes and Noble dropping BlackBerry no registration needed to find bbm users by age,sex,location or interests
  • They never supported Blackberry Anyway

    For the last two years, their webpage only said that the Blackberry version of its reader app was 'coming soon'
    Doctor Demento