BlackBerry PlayBook gets real today; AT&T blocking updates already

BlackBerry PlayBook gets real today; AT&T blocking updates already

Summary: Today the BlackBerry PlayBook becomes available for order from retail outlets and from RIM directly. The app that lets owners access email on tethered phones is available too, except for AT&T customers.


Today the BlackBerry PlayBook becomes available for order from retail outlets and from RIM directly. The PlayBook is RIM's enterprise tablet that the company hopes ushers in a new era of tablets and the new OS based on QNX. The PlayBook is available from Best Buy, OfficeMax, Office Depot and Staples, and from the RIM online store.

The PlayBook hasn't fared well in early reviews, primarily due to the lack of email, contacts and calendaring software native to the tablet. RIM has developed the BlackBerry Bridge app to deal with that, which lets owners tether the PlayBook to BlackBerry phones to access those phone apps on the BlackBerry. Unfortunately, word is spreading that those with PlayBooks are finding that while the BlackBerry Bridge app is available for download from the BlackBerry App World, those on the AT&T network are blocked. It seems this vital app is listed as not available yet for those on AT&T.

Most likely AT&T is not happy with the free tethering that the BlackBerry Bridge app enables for PlayBook owners. AT&T PlayBook owners can get the app via a roundabout method as detailed here, and hopefully the carrier will get out of the way and let its customers enjoy the full benefits of the product it is selling.

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      Will Farrell
  • get real

    playbook has better O/S and hardware. apps will be caught up by this time next year. no one likes carrying around an ipad.
    • RE: BlackBerry PlayBook gets real today; AT&T blocking updates already

      @fraze8888 Well I think at least 15 million people would disagree.
      • RE: BlackBerry PlayBook gets real today; AT&T blocking updates already

        Not sure they'd all disagree. The iPad's size is the main complaint I hear from my friends who sport them. Doesn't mean they don't like the iPad, but also doesn't mean they don't think it's too big.
        x I'm tc
    • RE: BlackBerry PlayBook gets real today; AT&T blocking updates already

      @fraze8888 ha ha ha ha! Thanks for the morning laugh... RIM RIP already!
      • RE: BlackBerry PlayBook gets real today; AT&T blocking updates already

        @browser. I truly hope that the Playbook indeed does not fare well on the market. That way I can hopefully snatch one of these devices up for a sweet price in half a year or so.
    • RE: BlackBerry PlayBook gets real today; AT&T blocking updates already

      @fraze8888 - yep, I hear ya. Every person I know that has an Ipad always has a complaint about it. "It's just a toy", "It's too large", "It's already obsolete" are common complaints I hear often.

      Such is the life of an Apple customer. Overpriced toys.
      • Apple must be doing something right.

        @j28n Everyone you know complains, yet they all paid top dollar, literally, for their "overpriced toys." It may be a Reality Distortion Field, but it's an effective one.
      • RE: BlackBerry PlayBook gets real today; AT&T blocking updates already

        @j28n iPad is definatly "just a large, obsolete, toy". Most people that own one definately spend more time carrying one around than they do using it :-) Especially outside.
        I've been using the train a couple of days last few weeks and only saw one (ONE !) person that actually used it on the train. I've seen many more carrying one though ...
    • RE: BlackBerry PlayBook gets real today; AT&T blocking updates already

      I stopped at a Best Buy and checked out the PlayBook.
      Surprisingly, it feels quite heavy for such a small form factor. Screen quality is good, can't say the same about user experience. Browsing a news website I turned the tablet to portrait mode, after about 2 seconds it switched. Turning the tablet back, it got stuck in portrait mode and wouldn't go back. After some vigorous shaking, I got it back in landscape.

      A customer asked the sales rep if it is possible to download a PDF file to the device through the Bridge.
      The answer was a resounding "YES" but when asked to demonstrate this, the sales rep could not.

      I'm not sure if I would spend $500 on this, maybe if this was the only choice.
      • They should train salespeople better

        @prof123 <br>I saw something similar happen at the Apple Store about two weeks ago where the "genius" (salesperson) had no clue how to operate a few of the basic programs or features in th iPad.<br><br>These companies need to train people better if they're going to be interfacing with the customers.
        Will Farrell
    • RE: BlackBerry PlayBook gets real today; AT&T blocking updates already

      @fraze8888 Hi @fraze8888,

      Alex from RIM here. Glad you appreciate the power and portability of the PlayBook. At 7-inches, 0.9 pounds and 0.4 inches thin, it also packs a serious punch, rocking the new QNX-powered BlackBerry Tablet OS, 1GB of RAM and a 1GHz dual-core processor. This creates an opportunity for true multitasking with apps running at full speed ? not suspended ? in the background. Its 1,024 x 600 high resolution display, mobile HD video recording and videoconferencing round out a 1080p multimedia experience that easily fits into a jacket pocket.

      This video also shows PlayBook?s HD capabilities in action (

      Alex, RIM Social Media Team
      • RE: BlackBerry PlayBook gets real today; AT&T blocking updates already

        @alexkinsella What apps? I would be seriously concerned about the future of my job if I worked for RIM job.
      • RE: BlackBerry PlayBook gets real today; AT&T blocking updates already

      • RE: BlackBerry PlayBook gets real today; AT&T blocking updates already

        @alexkinsella ... I wasn't in the market for a playbook, but the smaller size of the viewable are was a bit of a disappointment to me. The quality of the display was excellent!! The OS I found quite easy to use and the bridge worked when I tried albeit on the second attempt. When it did I was impressed. I would like to see what this would be like in a larger screen. Before anyone cans this thing at least give it a try. No device is perfect, but I did like what I saw here. Hopefully there will be enough support to keep it viable.
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    • RE: BlackBerry PlayBook gets real today; AT&T blocking updates already


      Holy Talkback, Batman!
      • RE: BlackBerry PlayBook gets real today; AT&T blocking updates already


        My thoughts exactly (Grin) .. but at least his comments were intelligent and absolutely quite comprehensive.
    • Job application?

      So Khushal69, are you auditioning for a blog job?