Blogging from the ICU -- mobile tech to the rescue

Blogging from the ICU -- mobile tech to the rescue

Summary: Mobile technology makes it possible to work almost anywhere, including this most unlikely of places.


Seldom do we get a concrete example of how much mobile technology has changed our world than the situation confronting me right now. I am writing these words with an iPad and mobile keyboard while wrapped up in wires monitoring my every move. I am in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of a major hospital in Houston following an accident yesterday that caused bleeding in my brain.

Everything is going well, thanks for asking. I am only here in the ICU for close observation. I am doing well considering how things might have been, and that is why I am working from this most unlikely of places. I pulled my iPad out and in a few seconds was on the web and was working away.

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The mobile tools of today turn virtually any location into a work spot with no appreciable drawbacks. The hospital has covered the entire property with Wi-Fi (even the ICU) due to the spread of mobile tech. They use it in the hospital's operation and make it available to patients.

In addition to having computers everywhere you look in the hospital, I was surprised to see things like barcode scanners in use in innovative ways. Every time the nurse comes in to administer medicine, a mobile PDA-like device runs a scanner which is used to scan the patient's ID bracelet. All the tools talk together to make sure medicines are not given to the wrong patient.

I should be out of here soon and back working in "normal" settings. The truth is had I not told you I was blogging in the ICU, you wouldn't have known it. That's how mobile tech has transformed work for many of us. We can be productive almost anywhere. That includes the ICU.

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  • Hope you get well soon!

    Sorry to hear that you are in the hospital.
  • All that medical equipment talking to each other

    Hope you get well soon Jk. We need you to stay in the mobile tech blogospher.

    More than likely all that equipment is from CareFusion. It's a great company. I do not work for CareFusion nor am I affiliated with them. I just think they have a pretty good niche in the health care industry. Their products (hardware and software) use communication over WiFi to take human error out of the industry.
  • Get well quickly.

    you are indeed one of my more favored writers here, so let us hope you are back on your feet in no time.

    Tim Cook
  • Be careful about charging the iPad

    James, sorry to hear about you being in the hospital and hope you get out quickly.

    I was in several times earlier this year and discovered that my iPad interfered with the medical monitors if I was charging it while using it. So long as it was on battery power with no 30 pin cable attached all was well.

    I resorted to charging the iPad during naps and leaving it on a nearby table.

    The hospital wifi also blocked access to all kinds of web sites. I worked around that issue by having my TMobile Hotspot in the window and plugged into wall power. I'd throw stuff over it to obscure the hotspot from view.
  • Indeed, my best wishes for a speedy recovery go out to you as well.

    There are troopers and then there are TROOPERS. You belong to the latter. Get well soon, James. I could not imagine the horror of leaving ZDNet fall into the hands of Jason Perlow alone without your wise consul to guide him thru his many mobile misadventures. Grin.
  • Our best wishes to you

    Talk about commitment! We applaud you, sir. :) Wishing you a speedy recovery, you rockstar, you. *slow clap*

    Warm wishes,

    MiKandi Team
  • I laughed out loud reading your post...

    What no video too !?!?
  • Get well soon!

    I'm surprised that hospitals allow wireless devices in ICU. What happened to turning off cell phones and interfering with their devices? More importantly, I hope that you recover quickly and completely so you can take your mobile tech to more desirable destinations, like say, the beach.
  • an ICU Blogger

    like this post very much
    get well soon and get out of here
  • ICU Blogging

    If you are in the ICU, shouldn't you be resting, not blogging. Mobile tech bad bad bad, even if it is only observation.
  • Geeze, Louise...!

    This is not exactly a case of "Take 2 aspirin and tweet us in the morning..."

    For crying out loud, Twitter will still be around in a few days. Take a power-nap Rambo. YOU need to rest and take a break.

    Get well soon bud.
  • Get Well Soon!

    James - thanks for the insight from the ICU, but for heaven's sake man, give yourself some rest! kstagg is right, this is not aspirin time...