Can't we all just get along in the mobile space?

Can't we all just get along in the mobile space?

Summary: It seems that every day we see an article that claims a device will be the "iPad killer", or perhaps the "iPhone killer." That's not likely to happen as the mobile space is bigger than ever.

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It seems that every day we see an article that claims a device will be the "iPad killer", or perhaps the "iPhone killer." It's as if those who make such claims get a lot of glee from the thought that one product will annihilate another in the mobile space. Guess what? That's not likely to happen because the mobile space is big enough for many different products.

Such claims are not restricted to devices, it's not unusual to read that platform X is going to kill platform Y. It's as if it's not enough to kill off mobile devices one at a time, it's better to kill a bunch of them in one fell swoop.

You know what? The mobile space is now big enough that there's room for not only a lot of devices of a given type, there's also room for lots of different device types. There is room for phones with big screens, little screens, keyboards, touchscreens... you name it and there are customers for them. Tablets can be even more diverse: big screen, little screen and medium screen. No matter what size screen there will always be a enough buyers who find a given one to be just right. The Goldilocks effect for mobile devices, if you will.

A limited playing field for mobile devices was the reality until recently, but Apple's release of the original iPhone permanently changed things. Targeting mainstream consumers, not the early adopting techies, was a brilliant move by Apple that expanded the mobile space exponentially. There are now billions of customers world-wide that have been exposed to mobile tech, and have become potential buyers of it. Just about any device can now get enough sales to be what would have been called successful just a few years ago; of course the Kin is excluded from this statement.

While it's always a good thing to be number one in any field, with a big enough field the also-rans can make quite a few bucks. Having them around insures we have lots of different gadgets and capabilities to choose from, and that's a very good thing.

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Topic: Mobility

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  • RE: Can't we all just get along in the mobile space?

    hummm... when iPad2 was released, I saw many zdNet articles saying that other manufacturers might just give up, game over, etc... If anybody is to blame, it's iPhoneyz
    • RE: Can't we all just get along in the mobile space?

      @tatiGmail ZDNet is a collection of a big diverse group of bloggers with different opinions about things. You've just read mine. :)
      • RE: Can't we all just get along in the mobile space?


        Ok. we've just read your opinion, which is that there's enough room for everybody and nobody will be killing off anybody.

        The problem is that on March 2nd I read this article, titled:

        "iPad 2 announced, original iPad price drops. Tablet game over."

        Quotes: "Apple had dominated the tablet wars with the original iPad, and with the iPad 2 it is game over."

        "...the competition has been completely blocked out"

        "... the price of the original iPad has been dropped to $399. This is so far below what it costs OEMs to make tablets, the game is over"

        Author - James Kendrick!

        I'm perfectly happy for all these tablets and phones to co-exist, but articles like the one I've described above do sort of contribute to the problem.

        I mean, Samsung came along and matched those prices three weeks later.

        No offence intended here, btw. Other than the occasional blip (which we're all prone to) I find your articles pretty good.
      • RE: Can't we all just get along in the mobile space?

        @deejay12 I hear what you're saying. I try to avoid that but in the earlier iPad article felt a stronger point was needed. I'm not sure OEMs can match Apple's ability to make tablets cheaply, in which case they will have a very difficult time.

        I want them to succeed, just not sure they can. But you're right, let's just all get along. :) thanks for reading.
      • RE: Can't we all just get along in the mobile space?

        @JamesKendrick I agree with the others... you guys dog the competition every chance you get and then get upset when forum posters speak out.

        You look at the number of articles about the Xoom vs ipad 2 and you guys ring the same bell... iPad 2 has a better screen so we believe it is the winner! It does not matter if the ipad screen is only better in one area, you still make the claim.

        Then we talk about phones and the iPhone 4 seems to always be the one you guys hedge with... It doesn't matter that the thunderbolt is outselling it in 4G markets and Apple's supposed Verizon Fireworks, that were going to kill Android, got rained out.

        Nope, reality is, this is not a popularity contest, it is supposed to be journalism... Not sure if you know it but that should be unbiased.

        And James, you want to know what the real iphone killer is? It is Android! Eventually the market will overwhelm Apple's phone as the competitors continue to out pace the Apple product development.
      • Well, especially Windows 7 tablets just do not have a chance.

        We can all get along, but, we have to also be realistic. Nobody wants hotter, heavier, less battery life, more expensive, JUST so you can run Win32.
      • We where waiting for your fallacy, DonnieBoy.

        Yet another "If I lie about it, it it will come true" proponent.

        And yet Honrycomb is being talked about as the "OS that never was", with the Android marketplace as the "market place that few desire".

        I understand your fear DonnieBoy, as history has shown that for Linux to succede, there must be no other competition, and yet we are seeing the dawning of those competing products.
        Tim Cook
      • Donnieboy, I don't think you understand the idea of "getting along"

        since you seem insistent on continuing with your fanboy "us vs them" stance.
        Michael Alan Goff
      • The problem is, we can not discuss the obvious without having the propeller

        heads starting to insult everybody like the above. Sales of Windows 7 tablets are at about zero and falling, and yet, they keep telling us that people really do want more expensive tablets that are hotter, heavier, thicker, and have a lot less battery life. Then, they keep talking up Windows Phone 7 as sales spiral down to zero, saying that "tomorrow" it will all change.

        So, we DO want to get along, but, we DO want to be able to discuss the obvious.
      • You're the only person insulting people here, Donnie

        And you're the only one bringing up how Windows tablets have to be all of what you said it is.
        Michael Alan Goff
      • No, not insulting anybody, just stating the obvious.

        That should not bother anybody.

        Did you read this????
      • You're using the term

        "windows propeller heads" to insult any fan of a Windows 7 slate.

        Windows Tablets have their place, just like everything else.
        Michael Alan Goff
  • RE: Can't we all just get along in the mobile space?

    James, I agree completely. The Apple's and Motorola's of the world push the no-name manufacturers to produce competitive hardware. In turn, the no-names push the big names to innovate. Without the entire ecosystem, we never would have seen the iPad2 or the XOOM even make it to market.

    And, like you say, there is enough room for lots of players to compete. You want the best available tablet? Be prepared to shell out $750 or more. If you want a $200 tablet, those are available, too. And there is pretty much everything in between.

    By the way, the photo you use - are you actually reviewing those units? I hadn't seen that manufacturer before today (your link to the Identity Tab in TW@MMN). Some very interesting products. I would be interested to get some hands-on reviews on their entire line!
    • RE: Can't we all just get along in the mobile space?

      @jglopic Those are from Korean OEM Viliv. They are both devices from early last year, prior to my coming to ZDNet. I find all of their devices to be well made and good gadgets.
  • RE: Can't we all just get along in the mobile space?

    Viliv products are handled in the US by Dynamism.
  • RE: Can't we all just get along in the mobile space?

    No we can't. Getting along is no fun, it is boring and it never gets in the news.
  • I Agree

    I agree that this is all mindless BS. Gotta be on board with the latest & greatest. I try to monitor as much as I can and I come away that it's all a big sham. Oh, I'm not on board with the latest new and improved widget, so I don't measure up. I'm just bloody well sick of all the concommitent crap to upgrade at any price 'cause otherwise I'll stick out as a neanderthal luddite. I try to monitor everything I can, and this endles quest of one upsmanship is just so much fing bs that I'm tired of it all. From startups overvalued to EVERYONE having to match the iPAD app for damn app???? And what is the net gain to society? HUH?
  • RE: Can't we all just get along in the mobile space?

    The pie has always been getting bigger and one of the reasons for that would be competitive pricing and better distribution chains. When you said coexistence if you meant oligarchy i totally fail to understand the rationale here
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