Chrome Beta for Android demo on video

Chrome Beta for Android demo on video

Summary: The Chrome browser is now available for Android phones and tablets running Ice Cream Sandwich. Here's Chrome captured on video in action.

TOPICS: Android, Browser, Google

Google surprised the Android world with the release of the Chrome browser for Android today. Chrome shows some excellent interface design for working on a touch screen. It runs very well for a first beta and will quickly become the browser of choice for the Android platform. Rather, it will when it is more widely available as it only runs on Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.x) for now.

Chrome is now available in the Android Market for ICS-packing phones and tablets.

The best way to show off the Chrome browser in action is through a short video. In the video I demonstrate the slick user interface, how Chrome handles multiple tabs, the synchronization with the active Chrome browser session on my MacBook, and the bookmark syncing.

Check out the full story of Chrome for Android on ZDNet Networking.

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Topics: Android, Browser, Google

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  • RE: Chrome Beta for Android demo on video

    Yep, another area where Google is schooling Mobile OS Developers! They did it with Maps, Books, Sky, Voice, Body, Speech Recognition, and Now Chrome!
    • RE: Chrome Beta for Android demo on video

      @Peter Perry

      I really like this a lot more than the native browser. Have you tried it on a tablet?
      Michael Alan Goff
      • RE: Chrome Beta for Android demo on video

        @Michael Alan Goff Jason Perlow is working on a photo gallery on a tablet. Should be up soon.
      • RE: Chrome Beta for Android demo on video

        That was more to Perry, I know you have issues with Android tablets.

        I can tell you that I think it is sweet on the tablet.
        Michael Alan Goff