Component shortage to hit tablet makers

Component shortage to hit tablet makers

Summary: The expected flood of tablets to compete with the iPad will be impacted by a major component shortage that will impede the ability to produce the devices.


The flood of tablets expected for release to compete with the iPad will be impacted by a component shortage that will impede the ability to produce the devices. DigiTimes is reporting from Taiwan that component makers, particularly those producing gyroscopes, chipmakers and screen glass makers, are gearing up for a shortage of components. The shortage is the result of the affects of the earthquake in Japan hitting the supply chain later than expected.

The lack of enough components to go around is causing tablet makers to reduce estimates of upcoming tablet shipments according to sources.

Affected by the component shortages, a number of makers have reduced their shipments of tablet PCs, said the sources, noting that combined tablet shipments from first-tier notebook vendors could be less than five million units in 2011.

The report doesn't address the shortage affecting Apple's ability to produce iPads, but it's sounding as if the supply chain disruption may be bigger than expected.

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  • RE: Component shortage to hit tablet makers

    James... I thought Dow-Corning made the Gorilla Glass. Are you telling me they don't manufacture in the US any more?

    I see trouble in the stock market if this projection is correct. Isn't Apple expecting to ship like a gazillion iPads this year? That would seriously affect their projections for this fiscal year.

    Also, doesn't LG produce the vast majority of screens these days? They are not based out of Japan.

    Just wondering.
    • Glass

      @babyboomer57. I've read that the iPad2 is using a thinner glass from Ashai.

      Apple seems to have 'secured' a component supply. Ironically, it may turn out that Apple is least affected by the earthquake in Japan because the components that are in short supply, go to Apple first.
  • RE: Component shortage to hit tablet makers

    Isn't this what Steve Jobs stated months ago, exacerbated by the events in Japan?<br><br>Which contracts will component suppliers honor first?<br><br>The one's Apple has paid cash in advance for, or the rest?
  • Probably good in the long run

    The good news is that this should cut down on the number of El Cheapo junk tablets entering the market. No supplier is going to tell RIM or Motorola to go away so that they can sell their stuff to Phleibeinight Enterprises instead.

    Prices may not come down as rapidly as some people had hoped, but the Android well won't be poisoned by low-quality junk flooding the market.
    Robert Hahn
  • Message has been deleted.