Facebook phone by BlackBerry -- wouldn't that be fun?

Facebook phone by BlackBerry -- wouldn't that be fun?

Summary: Facebook is looking to mobile to help it shake the slide in stock price since the IPO. A Facebook BlackBerry wouldn't likely stop the slide, but would be fun to watch.


Facebook and RIM are two companies that can't catch a break lately. The abysmal performance of the Facebook stock since the recent IPO coupled with the rumors that insiders had information that predicted that lousy performance keep dogging Zuckerberg and pals. RIM's troubles just keep getting worse, especially given its terrible financial picture recently.

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CNET's Molly Wood correctly pegs Facebook's biggest problem - mobile. The Facebook apps on the major mobile platforms have been terrible (to be kind), and Facebook knows it must break into mobile to have a chance going forward. Wood even believes failure to do so could put the entire Facebook nation into dire straits.

The constant discussion about an impending Facebook phone produced by the company give legs to the rumor. Even though the concept has been tried unsuccessfully before, the Facebook phone rumor keeps raising its ugly head for consumers to like or dislike.

If Facebook is determined to make a phone in partnership with an industry player, wouldn't it be fun if it went with RIM? The Facebook BlackBerry could leverage RIM's excellence in messaging and break Facebook into the mobile space with panache.

It probably wouldn't have a chance in the highly competitive mobile space, but it would sure be fun. Industry watchers could spend time predicting which would fail first -- the Facebook phone, Facebook stock price, or RIM. Good times.

Topic: Social Enterprise

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  • Has merit

    Considering Facebook has 900 million users, they could buy Blackberry provide the best mobile version / withhold features to their own phones and give every other platform no frills version. Apps are a big driver in mobile device usage and facebook has been one of the top Apps for the past 4 years.

    facebook could also benefit from RIM's patents, NOC and SDK etc. RIM is pretty much letting you code to the metal at this point. Apple is locked down API's, Google's close to kicking all other vendors to second tier status once they have Motorola.
  • Sick of these writers

    I am really getting tired of tech writers doing hack jobs on people and companies instead of giving us actual tech news and information. What a slack article.
    I know you all like to jump on the Apple bandwagon, how tough is that? Wonder what it would be like with only Apple stuff on the market?
    If you want to write in that manner, why don't you go and write for one of the tabloids and let someone else write real tech stuff?
    • You missed the fun part?

      The article was clearly labeled as having fun and should be taken that way.
      • With due respect

        but you make it seems like you've run out of things to write about RIM. If we'd wanted fun, there's dozens of other places to go on the Internet. But I think most of us came here for some objectivity.

        I think the point of putting Facebook together with Blackberry is a valid one. But you devalued everything by making it sound like fun.

        RIM took the painful decision to move to QNX. This means rebuilding much of their tech. I do not see how this could be done in months. It would be nice for you writers to give the marketplace a more objective view into what's really at work technologically, and not just to mock companies based on their stock prices.

        In case you haven't noticed. Many have already grown up and no longer eating *Apples* every day just because mommy says its good for health.

        Perhaps one day when you are sick and tired of the journalistic politics that's driving the under currents, I'd look forward to you spilling the beans about what's actually burning your butt and moving your hands at writing.
        Samuel Koh
  • it's really unfear but it is true

    Hi James (sorry for my english).
    I respect you a lot, you are a great writer, i have read a lot of your articles and they are very cool. Even so I think you are being a little unfair at this time. It's true, RIM's situation is not good and facebook's stock price neither, but we need to keep in mind that we are talking about a smartphone provider that has still almost 80 millions of active users and we are talking about a social network that is led by a guy that always has cards up their sleeve. it is not fear just fun of this situation, i can bet that three or maybe two years ago you were using a blackberry smartphone like almost all the guys that writes in this excelent blog. I really still don`t understand why RIM is in this situation, you Know, I have a playbook tablet and I can say with all property that is a great device and much better than a another table with android, I can say even that the style and the stability of this product is very similar than the iPad just smaller. Maybe some bad decitions from RIM's last CEO's was the real problem or maybe just the market is taking us by the way that he wants to go, we all Know that this work as well. I don`t Know if Blackberry 10 smartphones are gonna save them, but if not, is going to be very sad to see this Enterprise die with very good products but that the market wants to dissapear.
  • 2 for 1 sale

    Think of the value for shareholders as they could buy two losing stocks in one and save on commissions.
  • Facebook Phone

    How about "Faceberry"
  • Facebook BB phone

    There's a Facebook app for the BB already.