Favorite Android tablet apps -- summer 2012 edition (gallery)

Favorite Android tablet apps -- summer 2012 edition (gallery)

Summary: There are some good apps for the Android tablet. Here are my favorites.

TOPICS: Apps, Android, Mobility

Google I/O starts today, and the announcement of Google's own Nexus tablet is expected to be made. With the focus on Android tablets, the time is right to look at ten favorite apps for the big Android screen.

This list ignores games and focuses on productivity type apps along with some social media apps. All of these apps work equally well on 7-inch tablets as well as larger displays. They have all been used extensively on the original Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Tab 10.1, and the Transformer Prime.

Our favorite apps for the Android tablet

Image Gallery: 10 favorite apps for Android tablets -- Summer 2012 edition Image Gallery: Charge Image Gallery: Charge
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Topics: Apps, Android, Mobility

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  • Well timed list

    Great list, James! Thanks, I picked up a few new apps that I hadnt heard about before after reading your article.

    - Sara
  • Sorry, didn't read the "article" since it was in Gallery format...

    so I will just look elsewhere for the info.
    • James: I enjoy your articles, but ...

      I agree with jkohut that the Gallery format is very cumbersome.
    • Re: Sorry, didn't read the "article" since it was in Gallery format...

      @ jkohut, but for your comment title, I would have missed the "list" entirely after clicking on the link.

      List is in quotes because there is no actual list, and even on the descriptions below an image it is difficult to see what the app is which is not even bolded, some of the images have a title bar with the application noted there, most do not.

      I doubt that you missed anything. I already have "Evernote"; hopefully, that would be on most everyone's "big ten" list. The others I would not be interested in especially those with a price tag.

      I agree with the other comments about gallery picture list being a bad presentation choice. I would not have recognized Evernote from the picture as I do not use thumbnail views.
  • This applies to all of ZDNet's Gallery-format articles

    If ZDNet insists on posting Gallery-format articles without providing the option of seeing the same information presented in a text-with-links article, PLEASE at least provide short subject information for each slide in the thumbnail display ribbon, which information is displayed when the user mouses over the thumbnail. This way, at least, the user could skip over slides that hold no interest and click directly on ones which might actually be of interest. As it stands the user is forced to click through them all to sort the wheat from the chaff. True, that's good for ZDNet, but is it worth it to continue to alienate visitors who put a high value on their browsing time and resent sites that waste it?
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