Galaxy Nexus: Minor update breaks signal reception

Galaxy Nexus: Minor update breaks signal reception

Summary: A minor update to the Android software on the Galaxy Nexus has broken signal reception on those phones. This is further proof the Android update system is hopelessly broken.


The abysmal Android update situation raises its ugly head yet again, with the latest update for Google's Galaxy Nexus breaking signal reception for phones that enter standby mode. This update is directly from Google as the Galaxy Nexus is the current flagship phone on the Android platform. It is the latest update fiasco from Google that convinces me that the Android update situation is hopelessly broken.

The subject of the lousy update situation on Android comes up over and over. Updates don't appear, and often don't work when they do. Blame is usually tossed at the OEMs and carriers, but this Galaxy Nexus debacle repeats what happened with the last flagship phone, the Nexus S.

When the Nexus S update to ICS had to be pulled by Google late last year due to problems it caused, I pointed out that even Google can't get Android updates right. Now we see that once again the platform owner cannot get updates, in the case of the Galaxy Nexus even minor updates, that work without breaking basic functionality on the phone.

This paints a clear picture to me that Android updates, having evolved in an almost Wild West atmosphere of uncontrolled development, are almost impossible for anyone to get right. In the case of the Nexus S the update that was pulled by Google is only now being rolled out again almost five months later. Either Android has grown so complex it is incredibly difficult to get proper updates out the door or the code is such a mess even Google can't get all parts of it correct.

It sounds like a broken record complaining about Android updates, but we are continually bombarded with reports that once finally released they don't work properly. We've now seen two updates directly from Google that break things and must be fixed. If Google can't get updates to work it is no wonder that partners have no chance to get them right. Something is seriously wrong in Android update land.

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  • Wow

    I guess the battery life bug and the horrible slowdown of the 3GS are indicators that ths iOS model is horribly broken too right?

    I mean, after all, the battery issue impacted both the 4 and 4s...

    What about the initial Windows Phone updates?

    Guess what Jim, bugs happen, be less of a fanboy and more open to the idea that not everything is always going to be smooth.
    • wow

      Good point Peter! Jim is just looking for clicks since he knows anything negative towards android gives him clicks. I went from the original mytouch 3g on tmobile to an iphone4 for at&t. I like both platforms but these bloggers act like the iphone does not have faults. Guess what? my iphone constantly kicks me out of facebook and the webbrowser for no damn reason at least my old mytouch used to give me a force close error. And like you said as soon as I updated from ios 4.2.1, my stupid phone has been giving me fits. Not to mention 5.01 which has been destroying my battery life.
      This blogger also fails to acknowledge that the devices in question have both been made by samsung which incidentally also had problems with the windows phone 7 updates from microsoft. But that doesn't matter as long he gets to bash anything android.
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    J.M. USA
  • Even the picture makes him look like the POS that he is

    Even the picture makes him look like the POS that he is
  • transparent ad for Apple

    Where's the talk of antenna gate? How about batterygate? Oh, and the WiFi issues with the new iPad?

    Ya, didn't think Apple would pay you for a story like that.
    • Those articles

      are here on ZDNet in triplicate at the least. And you know this as you've commented on them. But it's persecution of Android that there is what 1-2 articles dealing with Android shortcomings and 10 articles in the same day dealing with the latest xgate issue with Apple? Right.

      Apple's iOS has it's issues as you've referred to but [i]this[/i] article is about an issue with Android updates. I had an update completely brick my brand new HTC Thunderbolt - before I got a chance to even use it.

      I have to wonder how many of these botched updates are Google's fault or the fault of the carrier who has the final say about delivering Android updates?
  • Catty Nastiness Disguised as Journalism

    What a snarky, almost evil, little article! An update bug is not an indictment of a whole class of phones. Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill!

    Let's try to keep some perspective!
  • There is something rotten in Denmark

    And it isn't the writer in question.

    It is the worst aspect of Android rearing its ugly head again. Some people might think that the problem with Android is the updates. That is an issue, proven time and time again. Some people with phones that aren't even a year old aren't getting updates. That isn't a statistic, that's a fact. I'm not even focused on major ones, but sometimes minor updates are slow or even not sent out by either the carrier or the OEM.

    That is a problem, but still not the worst.

    The biggest problem, and one that these bloggers are loathe to talk about, is the community. There are great people within the community, Android that is, but they seem to be the ones that don't really say anything. The ones who come here, much like a fanatic from any camp, just stinks. They make the others look bad. And the biggest problem is that there are more of them than Windows,Linux, or Apple fanatics.

    I am prepared to be voted down, or maybe even flagged, but that won't make it any less the truth.
    Michael Alan Goff
    • Wow

      Have you always been this paranoid?
      • Nope

        The fact that I said I would be voted down has nothing to do with me, but ZDnet. The type of people who normally frequent this site are the types that do not know how to have a reasonable discussion. There are some people who are the exception, such as yourself most of the time, but you're just that... an exception.

        It doesn't matter if it's iOS, WP7, Android, OSX, Windows, Linux, or Blackberry, this site is filled with people who will vote down or flag instead of discuss.
        Michael Alan Goff
  • Have you really read the story you quote, James?

    You say Google did this and Google did that, but how do you know this is true? The screenshot in the story shows Verizon's version of 4.0.4 (IMM30B), which looks different from the factory image published on Google's web (IMM76D). Moreover, one of the comments in the story says outright that Galaxy Nexus with IMM76D works just fine in Germany.

    Pray tell us what facts you have researched before offering us your incredibly enlightened opinion.
    • Oh that is nothing

      Other articles are claiming it is the GSM model suffering these issues and not every model all the time. What you have here is the most blatant evidence yet that James hates Android and takes every opportunity to bash it that he can!
  • this guy needs to go!

    Why the hell are we giving this donkey behind clicks peps? Please like wp7 or iOS don't have there flaws.
  • But the Galaxy Nexus owners will end up happy, right?

    If both the Galaxy Nexus and iPad3 had problems with the connectivity, you may think James Kendrick would make comparable conclusions about what this indicates about the underlying systems? The following is his summary of the two incidents:

    "A minor update to the Android software on the Galaxy Nexus has broken signal reception on those phones. This is further proof the Android update system is hopelessly broken."


    "Some iPad 3 owners are having problems with the unit???s Wi-Fi, while most are working OK. Having a small percentage of failures is just a fact of life in the electronics manufacturing game."

    Comparing the two articles back-and-forth is amusing.

    For instance he references an article which states: "Google has been made aware of this major problem, and will most likely have a fix ready in a few days." But James doesn't mention this at all in this article.

    Contrast that omission with what he said of the iPad3 defects: "Hopefully Apple will step up and take care of those with defective iPads. According to reports that is already happening, so in the end everyone should end up happy."

    According to that logic, wouldn't all Galaxy Nexus owners end up happy James?
  • dislike

    does anyone have an objective outlook anymore? i'm so sick of self serving subjective bull crap from people who love to spread their own agenda to the masses.
  • Does the Whining Ever End?

    Whenever there is an issue, there are whiners claiming the sky is falling. It's a geek's occupational hazard, but one as easily dismissed as Zeno's Paradox. I don't want to seem insensitive to the "plight" of those who have had issues - whoever and wherever they may be - but I suspect most Galaxy Nexus owners are like me - completely unaffected.
  • Heh

    Is it me, or does it look like he has an iPad shoved in his a** in that picture? Guess what, BUGS HAPPEN!!! Like iOS 5.0 DESTROID my iPod touch which has yet to be fixed. Battery lasts less than 20 min now. IT HAPPENS. Guess what, the public knows that! I do not understand how CNet keeps people like you. I see a tag "A CNET Professional Brand" right below me writing this comment yet I haven't seen anything professional come out in a while.
  • Unqualified and nonprofessional

    What sort of author writes an article based on fallacy, and still has a job?

    The headline is correct - that's what happened.
    The author has no more an understanding of WHY it happened than he has of why the JesusPhone 4S had a battery life bug - but he's willing to write an entire article based on fallacy.

    Every day I go to work and work hard - at a job that I'm both qualified for and held accountable for.
    To see a professional journalist publicly espouse ignorance (next, he'll call it "an opinion piece") makes me disgusted, and takes credibility away from ZDnet on the whole. There's no research, no facts, nothing but ignorant speculation, and a huge jump to conclusions. This author should be held to higher standards, or terminated.
  • This isn't journalism

    I can't believe reading this: is the author paid by an Android competitor or something? There is no ground to this article except for trying to destroy Android's reputation. I have a GSM Galaxy Nexus, upgraded to 4.04, and I haven't experienced a single signal drop. This is an oustanding release: the phone behaves much quicker, has much greater battery life, and I now enjoy even faster HSPA+ speed.
    Stop using issues reported by a few users, without even trying to investigate ithem, just to lash out at Android for no reason. I own a Galaxy Nexus but also an iPod Touch and a iPad 3, and seriously, Android Ice Cream Sandwich is just the most advanced Mobile Operating system, period.
  • Document your allegations

    I made a mental note of your name James. Do not have time to read your opinionated gibberish. Have several Nexus phones and each one works impeccably. some remain stock and others rooted. Each works to perfection! Had I the time or interest would like to see your documentation. Goodbye.