Galaxy S III coming to Verizon June 6 or thereabouts

Galaxy S III coming to Verizon June 6 or thereabouts

Summary: The newest Galaxy phone will be available for order from Verizon on June 6.

TOPICS: Verizon

Folks wanting to nab the hot new phone from Samsung, the Galaxy S III, will be able to "preorder" one from Verizon at 7 AM ET on June 6. The phone will actually be available to get in your hot little hands "in the coming weeks", according to Verizon.

The Galaxy S III is the latest Android phone to join the popular product line from Samsung. Verizon will have two colors available, white and blue, and both 16GB and 32GB memory for $199.99 and $249.99 respectively. Customers will have to purchase a 2 GB data plan (4G/LTE) for $30 monthly to activate the Galaxy S III on Verizon.

The new Galaxy phone will come with Ice Cream Sandwich, and new Samsung features:

  • Pop Up Play. Watch HD videos while you surf, email or text.
  • S Voice. It responds to your words. Call Charlie’s Mobile. Play my work-out playlist. Find an Italian restaurant.
  • Smart Stay. As long as you're looking at the phone, it maintains a bright display.
  • Motion Gestures. Swipe, and it captures the screen. Put the phone to your head, and it makes a call.

Topic: Verizon

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  • The Looks of SGS3

    Maybe it's just me, but I don't think S3 is any different than S2. It's pretty much due to physical home and two capacitive buttons in the front of the phone and no dynamically-changing on-screen buttons.

    Nothing very spectacular for me, but it does have a larger screen compared to S2 and some nice features like it will make a call when you have the phone near your head, but that's about it, though.
    Grayson Peddie
    • Tne difference is....

      4G LTE (the S2 was not LTE, you're talking about the S2 Skyrocket) so you'll get blazing speed (probably 5 times faster than anyone can practically use) and you get a phone that not only comes with ICS, but is physically designed to use it (no unnecessary buttons below). And of course a bigger screen.
      Nice for the Android de jour.
  • Awful, it will rot your mind, radioactive, smells bad, mistreats animals

    OK, I wrote the subject so you guys would stay away and I could get one of the first batch. I've got the original Droid bought on the morning of the first day of release -- and that gets me ... "Hey Buddy, the end of the line is way over there!"

    I thought I got something from Verizon saying that the 32GB model was $299 rather than $249, but everyone else seems to be saying $249, so I'm going with you.
  • And at half off!

    You forgot to mention that it will be only dual-CPU instead of the quad the 'peans get. Cue lots of "but you don't need it" and "you won't notice the difference!" How about somebody mentioning the "why?" Why are all the US vendors deciding this for us without giving a rationale?
    Notas Badoff
    • Because...

      The quad core CPU and LTE radio don't play nice at the current time. This has been stated all over the place. So now YOU know...

      The reason people are focusing on "you won't notice" is because you won't be able to tell the difference, and in fact on an LTE network this will smoke the European quad core/3G version.
  • I'd rather have 4G and Dual Core

    I'd rather have 4G and Dual Core but seeing as that's not an option in most European countries give me 3G and Quad Core any day.

    It does suck that they can't get 4G and Quad Core to work though because Americans shouldn't have to compromise.
  • Big progress for Samsung, can say 'huge victory'

    Samsung S3 might be the first phone to be released on all four US carriers with the same name and branding. Which is awesome. Earlier for Galaxy S2 it required some customization done by the major US carriers to make their versions seem unique.

    - Sara