Good to Go #4 with Noah and James: AT&T/T-Mobile merger

Good to Go #4 with Noah and James: AT&T/T-Mobile merger

Summary: Noah Kravitz of TechnoBuffalo and I continue with Good to Go: a weekly video show covering the hot topics of the day. In this show we cover the AT&T/T-Mobile merger and what it means to Google.

TOPICS: Banking

Noah Kravitz of TechnoBuffalo and I are happy to continue with the fourth episode of Good to Go, a weekly video show covering the hot topics of the day. In this episode Noah and I share our thoughts about the big AT&T and T-Mobile merger, including what we think it means for customers. That discussion rapidly turns into what we think the merger means for Google and Android. We both have differing views about this merger so watch it and see who you agree with.

Check out Good to Go #4 and tell us what you think about the show. If you have a topic you’d like to see us chat about tell us and we just might hit it up in a future show.

Topic: Banking

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  • Too funny

    Didn't Google announce today they are holding the open source back because they want more control? :)

    Also, rooting your phone and voiding your warranty is NOT the way to get updates. It still hurts the consumer because they lose warranty.
  • RE: Good to Go #4 with Noah and James: AT&T/T-Mobile merger

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