Good to Go with Noah and James #2: webOS on the tablet

Good to Go with Noah and James #2: webOS on the tablet

Summary: Noah Kravitz of TechnoBuffalo and I continue with Good to Go: a weekly video show covering the hot topics of the day. This show is devoted entirely to webOS on the tablet.


Noah Kravitz of TechnoBuffalo and I are happy to continue with the second episode of Good to Go, a weekly video show covering the hot topics of the day. In this episode of the show Noah and I chat about webOS on the tablet. We have both seen the HP TouchPad that should hit the market soon and we each give our take on whether webOS has what it needs to take on the iPad 2.

Check out Good to Go #2 and tell us what you think about the show. If you have a topic you’d like to see us chat about tell us and we just might hit it up in a future show.

My views of the HP TouchPad and webOS are based on lengthy demos of the tablet at the press event last month. Check out the videos I captured of the TouchPad in action.

Topics: Tablets, Hardware, Laptops, Mobility

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  • Talking points and impressions from your second

    I enjoy this video format. It takes a fair degree of journalistic courage to enter into this video realm, irregardless of available error correcting post editing "touch ups" opportunities. Congrats to the both of you for a most informative and entertaining webcast.

    Talking point: A seven inch tablet is ideal for basic smartphone activities.

    Certainly, for E-mail reading, light to medium internet browsing, calendar applications and social network interactions it is an optimized tool for professional and semi-professional journalists and bloggers. Naturally, I understand your favoritism towards this form factor and if all I needed was a seven inch glorified and super enhanced PDA, I would follow suit.

    However, it is not my vision for a ideal tablet design. Personally, I believe Apple's many hours (or years) of consumer testing to determine an ideal screen size for mobile content delivery resulted in a near perfect choice. (And I don't believe this screen size was sorely dictated by current manufacturing realities.) My iPad proved perfect last month viewing movies on an air flight. A larger screen size is ideal for detailed photo displays, as for example, to clarify a need for a particular purchase part at retail outlets. (I recently photographed a bicycle in need of repair. Instead of bringing the bike to the bike shop, I showed iPad images to the repair person. The first thing he said was, "Oh, an iPad." And then he proceeded to zoom in and out of the image for more detail. His reaction to, and use of, the iPad was completely intuitive and productive right from the start .. a trait both of you touched on in this episode.

    Another talking point. I just downloaded Garageband for my iPad. I can't imagine a similar app that would be useful on a seven inch display format.

    And that's key. Screen size real-estate is EVERYTHING in a general purpose tablet. I repeat, the key to success is being great at General Purpose apps for diverse needs and wants. Your favorite seven inch form factor works for a more narrowed, specialized mobile functions.

    With that in mind and irregardless of your preference for a seven inch tablet design, I have the distinct impression that you would have bought a XOOM had it fulfilled all its promise. That is to say, had Honeycomb been as ROCK SOLID as iOS is, you would have dropped the Galaxy Tab in a heartbeat for a XOOM.

    Of course, that's a conjecture (and I did note your fascination for a seven inch HP WebOS tablet design.)

    One final observation. I noted your admiration for HP's email WebOS app. I can't help but feel somewhat puzzled over your dismissal of Apple's iOS mail app capabilities (in comparison) Opening the iOS mail app to peruse all incoming mail content can't be any more difficult than the WebOS or Android mail app's "triage" abilities. It only takes a second to open the iOS mail app it is always running in the background anyway.
    • RE: Good to Go with Noah and James #2: webOS on the tablet

      @kenosha7777 Good points, but to be fair we stated early in the show we were not going to discuss the iPad 2. This show was strictly about webOS and our personal observations about it. Thanks for watching, we enjoy doing the show.
  • RE: Good to Go with Noah and James #2: webOS on the tablet

    Thanks for the new series. I like to hear you guys, and James has become a trusted source for me based upon the work at his previous position.

    Any hopes of getting this into PodCast services (particularly MS Zune for me personally)?

    • RE: Good to Go with Noah and James #2: webOS on the tablet

      @jglopic Thanks! We are working on the best way to get this out there and hopefully will have something set up soon.
  • RE: Good to Go with Noah and James #2: webOS on the tablet

    A belated thanks to both of you for an interesting discussion. I, too, am waiting anxiously for HP to bring out WebOS pads as real competition for Apple. I will continue to avoid Android as just some more Google spyware.

    You did neglect to discuss one aspect of the form factor for these devices. Yes, you can debate whether you prefer a 7 or 10 inch screen, but I am more concerned with the aspect ratio. I think Apple hit it right with the iPad, but that the Galaxy Tab is way too wide and narrow to be useful. If all you do is watch movies, fine. But, if you want to do anything else, these vertically challenged (wide screens) are a real pain to use. Let's hope HP gets that right.
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