Good to Go with Noah and James: Talking tablets

Good to Go with Noah and James: Talking tablets

Summary: Noah Kravitz of TechnoBuffalo and I are proud to launch Good to Go: a weekly video show covering the hot topics of the day. In the first show we are talking tablets and where we think the market is headed.


Noah Kravitz of TechnoBuffalo and I are proud to launch Good to Go, a weekly video show covering the hot topics of the day. Noah and I are pumped to be working together and excited about the new show. The first episode is now available for your viewing pleasure; in this show we are talking tablets and where we think the market is headed.

Check out Good to Go #1 and tell us what you think about the talk show. If you have a topic you'd like to see us chat about tell us and we just might hit it up in a future show. I promise to lose the headset in future shows. :)

Topics: Tablets, Hardware, Laptops, Mobility

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  • It's only fitting to view this initial video blog on my iPad

    Even though you boys were Android fanbois, I enjoyed your comments.

    BTW, I use iMovie on my iMac and its a great video editing tool. If I follow Jason Perlow's lead and upgrade to iPad 2, I will look forward to using that app.
  • James, your 90/10 rule does not apply to tablets

    Ninety precent of computer owners use just ten percent of a device's capability. (if I understood your hypothesis correctly)

    Hmm .. Because a tablet is such a specialized device, I would posit that most, if not all, tablet owners use every single app installed on their devices. (And by doing that, they are maximizing the tablet's potential.)

    Now, if you had stated that only ten percent of all computer uses are hardware "geeks" that are competent enough to expand the hardware to its greatest potential, like rooting a device or interconnecting that device to other electronic devices, than yes, I would agree with that definition of a 90/10 rule.
  • Message has been deleted.

  • audio balance

    Interesting video show, I'll be back for more. Please can you balance the audio volume for the next video (James = too high, Noah = too low).

    Thanks. :)
    • RE: Good to Go with Noah and James: Talking tablets

      @sanjbatra Yes, Noah is working on that. :)
      • RE: Good to Go with Noah and James: Talking tablets

        That should be good.
        Ram U
  • RE: Good to Go with Noah and James: Talking tablets

    The video wasn't needed. It would have been just as good as a podcast.

    I will return for future episodes.
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