Google I/O: where Jelly Bean will be unleashed

Google I/O: where Jelly Bean will be unleashed

Summary: The next version of Android is expected to make its first appearance at the Google I/O conference this week.

TOPICS: Google, Apple, Microsoft

Now that Apple and Microsoft have each had its big hoopla to announce shiny new toys, this week is Google's turn. The annual I/O developer's conference gets underway this week and while Google will unveil a number of minor products the two biggest ones will capture most of the attention.

First up we should see the next version of Android, aka Jelly Bean for the first time in all its glory. Originally it was thought that Jelly Bean would be a major new retool of Android, but expectations have been toned down to the level of an incremental update.

Seems like that's what happened with Ice Cream Sandwich. I recall it was originally touted as a major new version of Android but then basically became an incremental upgrade over Honeycomb.

Whether Jelly Bean is truly incremental or monumental, given the state of Android the only way to get it any time soon is to buy a Nexus. That would be either a Nexus phone or a Google tablet.

The Nexus tablet is the other big unveiling expected at Google I/O. Rumored to be a 7-inch tablet for $199 to compete with the Kindle Fire, the Nexus tablet will be Google's first foray into the slate space.

While the Nexus tablet is expected to have good hardware, the primary expectation is that Google will assume full responsibility for updates once released. It seems Google can't fix the horrible Android update situation caused by OEMs and carriers so it's just going to handle the new tablet itself.

Speaking of Google I/O and Android updates, remember last year's big update alliance Google announced? Neither does Google, apparently.

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Topics: Google, Apple, Microsoft

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  • Post Categorization?

    It makes no sense to file this under Apple Inc & Microsoft Corp topics.
  • Waiting and Seeing

    Before they announce a "major retool" of Android, Google is probably waiting to see whether the old, boring, ancient "sea of icons" interface they borrowed from iOS -- you know, the one that sells like hotcakes for both Google and Apple -- needs to be revised into a more fast and fluid form. So far the old, boring, ancient interface is kickin' butt. So there really hasn't been any reason to retool it. Especially not towards anything fast and fluid.
    Robert Hahn
    • not to forget

      they may come with an OS able only to use 1 core, it seems that is the new wave in mobile, along with the fluid interface. Not only that, they should get rid of all those stupid apps, who need stupid apps btw, just look the leader, MS, only a few dozens of apps are being downloaded from the MS store every week!

      In any case, I don't give them a chance, considering the coming of the new "exquisitely engineered" Surface from MS, As Ed Bott stated, I'm wondering how he was able to come to that conclusion seeing the tablets from 3 meters...
      • Bit disappointed

        I would have loved to see a 10 inch tablet from Google. But if they do well with a 7 inch tablet, it could succeed.

        But this announcement is lot sincere and practical than the fake Surface release. Besides showing off dummies, the Surface tablets were an eye sore. They need a prop in the front and back to be stable. Ballmer does not realise tablets are not used that way. Looks like old Soviet style design. MIcrosoft looks more and more mediavial, out of touch and desperate.
        Van Der
  • The Google Nexus Tablet has another name...

    Introducing the New Samsung Galaxy 5 phone. 7" of pure impracticality, you though the Galaxy 3 was rediculously huge, this phone takes the cake. Opps Google has changed it to a tablet. Too bad this tablet is still a 7" phone.

    All joking aside, how does google succed where other Android devices failed? i think even my ill despised Windows 8 slates have a better shot at makeing a marketshare in the tablet market than google's own tablet. Soon Zdnet is going to totaly forget about this tablet as quickly as the Motorola Zoom, Kindle Fire, and Glaxy 5 er imean Galaxy Tab. Microsoft Surface will be it's new champion to pit against ipad. Surface name means many things such as beauty is only skin deep, and the actual surface to use Surface, needs to be perfectly flat or the "kick" stand will not work. Thats not the only thing flat, it's sales numbers too.
    • Hold on.

      As much as I love the surface, you're giving it way to much credit, and the Nexus tablet not enough. I don't personally see the point of a 200$ consumption device besides a phone. This tablet will however sell, and sell well, because it is *affordable*.
  • So, Jelly Bean is fine, but what about those of us still 2 gens behind?

    So I've had a Galaxy Note for about 6 months now, still officially on Gingerbread, 2 generations behind starting today!!! Best scenario, Samsung/carriers roll out ICS asap and I am only 1 generation behind. This is less than acceptable, wouldn't you say?
  • Just what is needed

    Just what is needed, another incompatible version of Android.
  • Great!

    Another version of Android that more than 90% of users will never have access to.

  • can't wait for jelly bean

    I want jelly bean