iPad 2 proves tablets are here to stay

iPad 2 proves tablets are here to stay

Summary: No matter how you feel about the iPad 2 or Apple, the long lines at launch and the efforts hopeful buyers were willing to undertake to get one prove that the tablet is here to stay.


No matter how you feel about the iPad 2 or Apple, the long lines at launch and the efforts hopeful buyers were willing to undertake to get one prove that the tablet is here to stay. I hear from quite a few people who contend that the tablet is nothing more than a fad that will fade away over time. These comments are usually accompanied by statements that tablets are not real computers that can be used to good affect. Guess what? Tablets are not going away any time soon.

Apple sold millions of original iPads in just a year, an impressive feat by any standard. The tablet form was a totally new type of device for most of those buyers, who realized it fit the way they lived. While it may have been considered a fad in the beginning, one of the statistics coming to light about the iPad 2 launch puts that notion to rest once and for all. Of the hundreds of thousands of iPad 2 devices sold in just a day or two, 70 percent of those are reported to be to new buyers.

That number is significant, as it proves that a tablet is what lots of consumers want. While those upgrading from the original iPad could be written off as Apple fanboys, and detractors certainly will, the number of new buyers plainly indicates that is not the case. People want tablets, and that is not going away any time soon. That is why the competition is rushing to market with tablets. Whether they can compete with the iPad 2 is another thing.

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  • Both statements can be true

    <i>These comments are usually accompanied by statements that tablets are not real computers that can be used to good affect. Guess what? Tablets are not going away any time soon.</i><br><br>For many who hevn't bought an iPad (opting for something else) the reason could be that for <b>those</b> people a tablet doesn't fill their needs. Just because there is an app that fills the needs of tablets owners doesn't mean it will fill the needs of everyone, no matter how much someone claims it will.<br><br>Bottom line is that tablets have allways been here to stay, as the early Windows tablets have been made and sold for years, so there was obviously a market and a need to fill, no matter how many people said in the past that tablets don't fill a need.</b>
    John Zern
    • RE: iPad 2 proves tablets are here to stay

      @John Zern

      More BS coming from a Winblow$ fanboy! EVERYONE needs an iPad and it WILL replace PC's EVERYWHERE! x86 is dead! Only Windoze idiots will still be using them, displaying a picture of Ballmer on the desktop as they look to him for guidance.

      /Sarcasm :)
      The one and only, Cylon Centurion
      • RE: iPad 2 proves tablets are here to stay

        @Cylon Centurion 0005 And it's so shiny....my precious....so shiny and bright....and sooo lovely....my precious......ok yeah, I ordered one online after my wife got one without standing in line at WalMart. Been playing with it when she isn't hogging it. It IS shiny....and precious.....
      • jealous, jealous, jealous

        LOL... LOL..

        And [b]no[/b], POS windoze laptops with weak_assed swivel screens don't count.
  • No fun

    There are people for whom 'computing devices' are not, and can never be, fun. To those people, computers are all about work. They do not understand why anyone would ever want an interactive screen that could not show Word and Excel.

    That's fine... Differences are what make life interesting. But those people will just have to get used to the idea that there are tens of millions of people who always wanted a little pet computer that has nothing to do with their jobs.
    Robert Hahn
  • That's always been the case

    However, tablets at their current state, if they remain this way hardware and software wise, will become a passing trend. The reason the netbook declined was because it lacked the power of laptop (the form factor didn't help either) and more ultrathin laptops were coming out as well.

    What's keeping tablets in a niche position is the thin factor and touch interface, both of which could easily get knocked out should those ultraportable laptops go the direction of the Inspiron Duo. Now, you may argue that the ipad sales prove otherwise compared to the Inspiron's sales, but the ipad is being (and has always been) kept afloat by the apps, which is the core factor to the iOS experience.
    • No, netbooks died because they tried to be a cheap

      laptop. People bought them to be laptops and they sucked as laptops. The iPad is not meant to be a full-bore computer replacement. It's a mobile computing device that lets you consume content and do certain types of content creation. Jobs' analogy was spot on: Think of the iPad as you sports car you take on an afternoon drive up the coast. Your PC/Mac is the truck you use on the farm.
      • RE: iPad 2 proves tablets are here to stay

        @frgough@... Some of them sucked as laptops- My wife has an Asus HA1005 from Summer 2008 and it's a slick little netbook- I have Win7 Pro on it as well as Office 2007, and it runs like a top, is structurally rigid, and has 10 hour battery life to boot.

        On the flip side, I have a Dell Mini 10V- horrible trackpad control, a 6 cell battery that looks like a tumor growing off the back end, a 5 hour battery life, and a cheap, plasticky feel to the whole thing.
    • netbook have NOTHING going for them except price..

      @Dacote_Scion ..they were cheap crap, with tiny screens, small, cramped, carpal tunnel inducing keyboards, stupidly short battery life.. sure they were inexpensive, but they were junk! people quickly realized that if they spend $200-300 more they can buy a real computer.. it's about value.. netbooks didn't present a good value proposition in the end.. netbooks are not a new product category.. they were simply junky, cheap laptops and people figured this about and stopped buying them in large numbers..

      iPad is NOT a traditional computer though (laptop/desktop)... and it actually rivals traditional computers in many ways.. it's way more simple to learn to use and to use (people from 1.5yrs to 90+ yrs use it no problem).. it's basically maintenance free.. it's extremely light and portable compared to laptops (even netbooks).. start up immediately.. no clamshell design that needs to be opened or balanced that makes it slower to begin using it and make it awkward to use in many situations.. battery life is 5 time that of a netbook for video watching and 2-3x most laptops etc, etc.. sure it's not as powerful or versatile as a traditional computer, but it has the above and more endearing attibutes.. and it does 90% or more of what most people need from a traditional computer in a smaller, more portable, more usable, longer battery life having package.. it's not just a cheaper, crappier, slower, shorter batterly life version of a laptop like netbooks are..
      • RE: iPad 2 proves tablets are here to stay

        @doctorSpoc I stopped using my netbook because it wasn't good at what I got it for. The screen was too small, and the keyboard just on the edge of being an impediment.

        Now I'm using a MacBook Air and am very happy with it. I use it for mail, a little web, and for OneNote (running in a Windows VM courtesy of VMWare Fusion). Battery life is excellent and it is much more dependable when sleeping than my old Dell.
  • Correction: iPad is here to stay.. Jury still out on tablets...

    ..no tablet outside of iPad has yet to prove itself as a mass market success as yet.. this market could still end up like the iPod market which is distinct from the generalized PMP market..
    • RE: iPad 2 proves tablets are here to stay

      Plenty of Tablet PCs have proven themselves, to be failures. Overpriced, overweight, underpowered, and damn near impossible to carry. Who wants a 6 pound laptop with no keyboard? Maybe these tablet PCs need to come with a user-wearable support? Like the beer sellers at the local football stadium. If you think typing on a tables is hard, try playing with a stylus, not really a fun thing to do when you have a $2k display in your hand.
      • RE: iPad 2 proves tablets are here to stay

        @Rick_K What tablet PCs are you talking about? If you're referring to "convertible" type of devices, those are two in one devices. They are both tablets and laptops. Those aren't in the same category, and besides they are true stand alone devices not like the iPad which you CANNOT setup without connecting it to a computer.
      • RE: iPad 2 proves tablets are here to stay

        Guess what the one?s I am talking about had to be set up using another computer too. Just like any Corporate PC, they have to be set up before being used. Granted that usually entails replacing the Hard Drive, with one that has the corporate license imaged on it. But you would have had to be there in the late 90?s to see these beasts. It was an over 6 pound display with a processor inside it. You had ot connect it to the docking station to do anything with it. as there was only one proprietary connection point. I can?t imagine if there was a 3.5 inch floppy in there. These units ran a version of Windows Embedded, or what ever it was called, but it sure was not great. These units cost over $2k each (the docking station was another $500, I believe).
    • RE: iPad 2 proves tablets are here to stay


      Actually, that's a very interesting conjecture. But I suspect that the tablet market will never be dominated by Apple products like Apple dominates the mp3 player market.

      The tablet market will evolve to resemble the smartphone market. But I suspect it will be WebOS tablets that form the main competitors for iPads rather than Android tablets due to Android's inherent tendency towards version fragmentation.
      • i don't think it will be like the smartphone market...

        @kenosha7777 ..android phones had the advantage of carrier subsidies to offset the cost of their phones.. but with tethering, and the fact most people just use these devices at home, hotel etc where WiFi is freely available.. we see by the buying habits that most people don't see the need for these device to be tied to a data contract. this means that carrier subsidies won't play a huge part in the tablet market.. which means that many of these manufactures just won't be able to make a profit selling these tablets and will exit the market in the next couple of years.. we see Samsung already stating that they may need to forgo profits just to get some traction in terms of market share.. how long can/will they continue to do that?<br><br>will apple completely dominate? not sure, but this will definitely not go down like the smartphone market though because of subsidies not being a big factor.. i agree, that is see HP as the only manufacture with the market clout and scale able to compete on par with Apple in terms of hardware and they have their own OS too, but they have no ecosystem in place and that will take years to build.. if HP and Amazon got together with a sort of strategic alliance, they might have something.. in any case we have interesting times ahead though..<br><br>my point stand though.. other tablets have definitely NOT proven themselves in any way shape or form in the marketplace to have any mass market appeal.. we will likely see if that going to happen this year.. it this is an iPad phenomena or a tablet phenomena..
      • RE: iPad 2 proves tablets are here to stay

        @kenosha7777 There you go again with version fragmentation. Really? Still with that? Why don't you get yourself up to date about what is going on with Android instead of regurgitating last years talking points.

        Just a quick FYI, going forward Honeycomb will work on both tablets and smartphones. And, no, the device doesn't have to be dual core either, but the screen resolution minimum is 800x480.
      • RE: iPad 2 proves tablets are here to stay

        @ mrxxxman<br>How is fragmentation last years news?!? Do you have ANY idea what you are talking about? With Honeycomb, fragmentation just got worse. First, Froyo and Gingerbread (and earlier) tablets still dominate the Android space, and second NOTHING prevents OEMs and carriers from rolling their own Honeycomb, the a priori cause af fragmentation in the first place. Your post is just the latest in a stream of massively uninformed rants.
  • RE: iPad 2 proves tablets are here to stay

    Just like the iPod, I feel the iPad is going to be with us for a while. Since the original iPad outsold all the Tablet PCs, ever produced, it speaks volumes of who want one of these devices and why.

    The thing that is most shocking is: the people on here, that rant about it. The majority of the people on here that rant and rave about how it is just a fad, or a toy, are not the target audience. All the foolish talk about having to have a ?Real OS? and flash, USB ports etc. has not stopped era people from buying these. I believe that the reason the Tablet PC never took off was due to the limited appeal of the package. Who wants to run around with a 6 pound screen, and have to use a stylus to get it to work? Then there was the dreadful 2 hour battery life. Does anyone here remember the old docking stations they originally had for these monstrosities? 20 pound devices that ere as large as full ATX cases. Now consider that the iPad has more processing power than these monstrosities had. If you need a full copy of Windows then use a Notebook. If someone is happy using an iPad, then let them enjoy it. If everyone used, and liked, the world would be a boring place.
    • one of the great appeals of iPad is that it DOESN'T have a &quot;real&quot; OS on it.

      @Rick_K ..as in REALLY complex.. REALLY bloated.. REALLY OVER SPEC'D for what most people need most of the time.. REALLY requires a lot of maintenance.. REALLY battery draining.. REALLY not as usable with touch etc, etc, etc..

      what many techies don't realize is that for that vast majority of people who are buying these things is that complexity and BS and bloat of traditional OS's are the problem iPad fixes.. they don't want a "real OS".. they just want to be able to do the things they want to do.. the sort of things that iPad doesn't do are the sorts of things you want to sit down at a desk with a traditional computer in any case.. and most people will have both.. it's just that 90% of the time you'll use the iPad, 5% of the time you'll use the iPad because someone else is using it and 5% of the time you'll use your PC because you actually need to..