iPad apps to show off that new Retina Display

iPad apps to show off that new Retina Display

Summary: The new iPad is on the way to anxious buyers, and these apps are screaming for that gorgeous Retina Display.

TOPICS: iPad, Mobility

Millions of customers are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their new iPad with the Retina Display. This high resolution display is the best on any tablet currently available, and this short list of apps will show it off to best effect. The apps from Apple will be high resolution out of the box, and the rest of the apps on the list will be available shortly after the new iPad hits customers' hands.

Top iPad apps for the new Retina Display

Image Gallery: Great apps for the new iPad to show off that Retina Display Image Gallery: Charge Image Gallery: Charge
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Topics: iPad, Mobility

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  • Bad news

    Does this mean some apps will now be four times bigger? Some are already 1 GB!
  • Underwhelming

    A few games and some fingerpainting. It's still 4:3, still a mirror outside, same ancient UI and it's heavier and thicker. Apple really needs to have something in the works if it expects to survive Win 8 - at the moment it's just marking time.
    • Ancient UI? old UI?

      Been hearing this allot lately about iOS, is this the latest talking-points coming from Microsoft?
      • Oo-eee-oh ee-ohhhh-ahhh

        Yes, I think "ancient UI" has replaced "static icons" as the [i]phrase du jour[/i] for the Munchkins. Is it not amazing how many people stumble upon the same exact words, and even more amazing that all of them appear to hold genuinely fond feelings for the Microsoft Corporation? I too wonder how that happens. (Well, not really. It's obvious how it happens. That's why people call them "Munchkins.")
        Robert Hahn
  • Attrition....

    SO I guess this means that further advancement in apps for the iPad 1 is pretty much over and dead..... There are already a lot that will no longer run properly on it once the iPad 2 was mainstream....

    This means a 2yr death sentence for iPads?
  • "iPad apps to show off that new Retina Display"

    that Samsung manufactures.
    • Apple makes no bones about components

      About ALL computing and communications devices make use of BEST components of other manufacturers. What's your point? The subject was "APPS TO SHOW OFF".
      • I know.

        I just think it's funny because they're both competing in the same markets.
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  • Cluttering up these comments

    When I see an add in these comments I make sure I never buy that product. Stupid as is Stupid does.
  • Good productivity app Beesy.

    My essential app on iPad using new retina display is Beesy. Very useful in meeting with I can take note and send minutes at the end of the meeting by mail very quickly and easily.