iPad invasion of the Super Bowl

iPad invasion of the Super Bowl

Summary: I thought I would be the only attendee bringing an iPad to a Super Bowl party, but that wasn't the case.

TOPICS: iPad, Mobility

Only Madonna got partygoers to put down the iPads

Yesterday was the Super Bowl, otherwise known as the Big Game, and millions of folks in the U. S. headed to parties dedicated to watching the game and the ads. I did the same and took along my iPad to augment the viewing experience. While I figured I was the only guest at the party geeky enough to bring the tablet, there were actually three iPads in attendance including mine. It seems that it is becoming more commonplace for iPad owners to carry them to places they would previously never have dared to bring them.

This year Chevy ran a lot of ads during the Super Bowl, and for the first time released a free app for Android and the iPad to keep game watchers tuned into the action. The app is an interactive sideline into game actions in real-time, and was constantly updated with Twitter activity about the Chevy ads. The company gave 20 new cars away to app users to draw them in, and while no one at the party I attended won a car the overall reaction to the app experience was positive.

Each Chevy ad was available to view in the free Chevy Game Time app once it aired during the game broadcast. Once aired, the app constantly asked users trivia questions about the ads to give away prizes. The overall experience was pretty good, and a unique way to tap into the frenzy of the big game. I expect we'll see lots of companies start doing this in the future, as it is a good way to draw them into the advertising.

I was glad I brought my iPad along to the party, in part for the Chevy app participation but mainly to follow the Twitterverse and the constant chattering about the game, ads, and the halftime performance. It added a fun dimension to an already fun event, a feeling echoed by the other iPad toters. It is a trend I expect we'll see grow in the future based on my own experience. It was cool to have a crowd of people gathered around the iPad to join in the fun.

Before you ask, the iPads were the only tablets in attendance. Nary an Android tablet in the house.

Topics: iPad, Mobility

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  • Cool! Best comment regarding the SuperBowl so far:)

    Pagan jim
    James Quinn
    • RE: iPad invasion of the Super Bowl

      @James Quinn
      What is wrong with this site, you attemp to update your account info, it does not stick. You try to change your name just for fun and no such luck. And worse, my user name and password is NOT being remembered so I need to login every time. What a hassle this site is, and yes still I post and read stuff. SO WHAT!!!
  • RE: iPad invasion of the Super Bowl

    I agree with you, the whole experience of watching the game has been improved with the use of social networks (specially Twitter) to share comments, emotions and jokes (I still remember the Madonna jokes, although i like her performance).

    In my case, i use a portable notebook to check twitter and to read the rules of the game, because it was the first time i watch a football game. And you know what?, it was a great experience not only for the game itself but for the people who tweet about it and make you feel like you're in a Super Bowl party wherever you are.
  • Hardly surprising

    "Before you ask, the iPads were the only tablets in attendance."

    With iPad having more than 95% marketshare, are you surprised that no one there had an Android tablet?

    It is a sick market. We all lose.
    • RE: iPad invasion of the Super Bowl

      Actually ipad market share is not 57.6% (android 39.1%)

      Market is not sick. We are not all losing.
      • That's a lot of Android tablets with broken WiFi

        97% of all tablet web traffic comes from the iPad. Either your 39.1% is a fabrication or 95% of all Android tablets are sold with broken WiFi.
    • And the problem is?

      @toddybottom_z <br>iPad seems to have its market share because people want them and find them useful. If you want to see the numbers change, then encourage someone to work on a better (or even "as capable") product. Otherwise all the complaining is just so much noise in the room.<br><br>It's a sick, troll laden conversation. We all lose (our otherwise productive time).
  • We left the technology at home

    (as did others) and just enjoyed the company and game.

    What a novel concept.
    John Zern
    • To each their own. Besides who says you can't have both?

      @John Zern... Enjoyment of the company and the game AND during lul's some iPad:)

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
  • RE: iPad invasion of the Super Bowl

    The Adbowl 2012 app for rating the ads, re-viewing them, quick buzz from twitter, and tallied rankings was also fun...
  • You Do Realize That Anecdotes Don't Tell Us Much

    At the party (or whatever you want to call it) that I was at there were no iPads, but there were two Linux laptops (including mine). There were also three Windows desktops available for anyone in attendance to use, though not in the same room as the television (as well as two Windows desktops only available to their owners). Of course my experience doesn't mean that Linux is getting really popular on laptops.<br><br>Another anecdotal observation: I've only seen one iPad in use outside of a store (demo unit). The same goes for Android tablets. That doesn't mean much either.
    • 5 Desktops in a single house? Wow!

      @CFWhitman... Still it is a pleasant Windows and Linux living side by side story:) See we all can get along!

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
      • Yes

        @James Quinn
        Yes, there are the two parents and five of their children living there at the moment. That's including one who has moved back in temporarily, and one who just turned 18 and is still living at home. The two adult children have their own jobs and their own computers.
  • RE: iPad invasion of the Super Bowl

    Did you bring the keyboard for the iPad too?
    Loverock Davidson-
  • Paisly Suit?

    Did you see those Paisley suits in the fashion parade too?
  • Chuckle

    Used my Skyrocket to trade notes on thoughts for front running ad.

    Once Clint ran, though, our voting was over. WOW :O