Kindle Fire is on the way, but not for me

Kindle Fire is on the way, but not for me

Summary: A new Kindle Fire is on the way to our house, but not for me.


I ordered a Kindle Fire two days ago and have been notified it is already on the way. I don't need another tablet, with two Android tablets, a PlayBook, a TouchPad, and the iPad 2. I do cover this stuff for a living so that was a valid excuse to order a Kindle Fire. I will give it a once-over and cover it here but fact is I bought it for my wife.

My wife is not a techie, she has no interest in gadgets as I do. She is computer savvy but saves that for work; when she's at home she has no desire to be immersed in tech as I am 24/7. She is exposed to more mobile gadgetry than just about anyone, however, due to the constant parade of gear that comes through our house.

She traded in her BlackBerry for the iPhone 4 when it first came to Verizon, and she has taken to it in a big way. She nearly always has it in hand at home-- texting, emailing, surfing, and apping away. She likes everything about the iPhone.

She is used to seeing me with a tablet in hand all the time, and she has looked at many of them; none of them has appealed to her. She did admit to me recently that she's thinking a small tablet might be appropriate for the things she is doing in the evening on her iPhone, as a bigger screen would make that better.

She is also open to ebook reading on such a tablet, something she tried on the iPhone, but didn't care much for the little screen for longer reading sessions. What she feels is mandatory for tablet use is that it be easy, and not require much involvement on her part. Just pick it up and do what she wants.

She is a person the Kindle Fire is perfect for, as I recently detailed. The simple interface that makes doing things easy is perfect for what she wants. I think she will find the 7-inch tablet screen to be just what she wants to use, sitting on the sofa in the evenings.

That is why I ordered her the Kindle Fire. She doesn't suspect it's for her, until she reads this article. I figure I will get to test my belief that the Kindle Fire is the tablet for the non-techie mainstream consumer. I suspect that I will see her put her iPhone down regularly and reach for the Fire. Or perhaps she will hate it and prove once again that I don't have a clue. I can accept either result.

Amazon is already proving that it knows how to market the Kindle Fire. In the email that notified me the Kindle Fire is on the way, it pitched uploading my music collection to the Amazon cloud so it would all be accessible on the Fire out of the box. The email also pitched the notion of buying audio, video, and ebook content so it would all be on the Fire as soon as it connected via Wi-Fi. This is another reason the Kindle Fire is going to be a massive force in the tablet space.


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  • RE: Kindle Fire is on the way, but not for me

    Does this come off to anyone like that parent that buys a present for their kid so that they can play with it themself? All this sounds like is you trying to justify buying yet another tech gadget while saying "Oh, this is for my wife, I won't be using it." You should have just given her an iPad if you really wanted to just get her a tablet, as she's already invested in the ecosystem.
    • You may be right...

      @Aerowind ... Still they do have a unique household set up. He unlike most of us makes a living commenting on tech. So ANY justification to get ever more tech is in its way valid for it serves his purpose. Also it may help some one in his business to actually observe how someone other than he might use a device. I can't tell you how many posts I've read that come off something like this: "I use brand X it works for me.... There for it MUST work for you"

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
    • RE: Kindle Fire is on the way, but not for me

      @Aerowind: Spot on. She loves the iphone and is used to the way it works. Cheapskate!
    • RE: Kindle Fire is on the way, but not for me

      @Aerowind Except that she has used my iPad 2 and the 10-inch form throws her off. She does not like it for that reason alone, thus the 7-inch Kindle Fire may fit her better.
  • RE: Kindle Fire is on the way, but not for me

    great choice for your wife.
  • RE: Kindle Fire is on the way, but not for me

    The new nook app for Kindle is brilliant - you can get all the Android apps free now! We got the nook app download instructions from through google.

    I love my new Kindle!