Live analysis of the Apple iPhone event

Live analysis of the Apple iPhone event

Summary: Join me, along with several ZDNet bloggers, for a minute-by-minute commentary and analysis of Apple’s “Let’s talk iPhone” event as it happens.

TOPICS: iPhone, Apple, Mobility

Apple is extending its reach into the mobile space with a "Let's talk iPhone" event today at 10 am PT and I will be joining other ZDNet bloggers to talk about it live. Like all such events, it should be a lively discussion about whatever Apple has to announce, and what we think about it.

The event will be covered on the ZDNet Hardware 2.0 blog, and it will be a good opportunity to interact with the ZDNet crew. Be sure to head over in plenty of time and "Let's talk iPhone".

ZDNet live analysis of the Apple iPhone event

Topics: iPhone, Apple, Mobility

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