Mobile app usage kicking the web to the curb

Mobile app usage kicking the web to the curb

Summary: According to a new report, for the first time ever mobile users are spending more time per day using mobile apps than time spent surfing the web.

TOPICS: Browser, Mobility

You have probably seen the ads that claim there are apps for just about everything, and a new study from Flurry shows that apps are replacing the web for a lot of mobile device owners. For the first time ever the statistics show that more time is spent per day using mobile apps than time spent surfing the web. The survey covers all the major mobile platforms, including the two big ones, iOS and Android.

It is not a lot more time spent in the apps over the web, but it is a paradigm shift that demonstrates that mobile users prefer apps with simple focused access to web resources. Mobile browsers are getting nearly as good as the desktop equivalents, but users are spending more time in apps than using those nice browsers.

The Flurry report shows the breakdown of what type of activities comprise that time on the web and using mobile apps. Perhaps not surprisingly, the top two activities are gaming and social networking. Those two activities combined account for a whopping 79 percent of the mobile user's time on the web.

Topics: Browser, Mobility

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  • And that's surprising?

    This is a no brainer - Facebook, banking sites, ect where designed to be web based so that you could access the sites without bringing a computer with you everywhere you go.

    Sure, creating a desktop application for this purpose would have been much easier and secure then creating and maintaining a website, but who wants to install something like that on every system they may use to access their account?

    So web portals where created.

    Now that people can carry their smartphones in their pockets, there's no need to bother with a smartphone web portal for access, just create an app.

    Easier to maintain, more secure, so this is nothing surprising.
    Will Pharaoh
    • Google is not worried, since it has like 37% of smartphone market share, ..

      @Will Pharaoh: ... where is can broadcast the blinking hell of advertisements to lovers of "freedom", most of which do not pay for applications, downloading advertisement-supported ones.