Most impactful company in 2011: Amazon

Most impactful company in 2011: Amazon

Summary: The company that is touching most of our lives most deeply this year is Amazon.

TOPICS: Mobility, Amazon

Amazon's first office

Looking back at 2011 it is clear that a number of companies have impacted my life, but none greater than Amazon. The company that Bezos built has reached deeper into what I do and how I do it than any other company, and on multiple levels. While companies that build gadgets are important to me and especially my work, Amazon reaches across all of them in fundamental ways that impact nearly everything I do.

Amazon has become a major player in the mobile space, with Kindles including the recently released Kindle Fire. This position in mobile is just beginning, as Amazon may become one of the two top tablet makers next year. The Amazon mobile ecosystem is second to none, but that's only part of why it is touching so many of our lives.

Prior to the rise of Amazon in retail and the mobile space, like most consumers I spent a lot of time online and in brick and mortar retail stores. I did a lot of my research of mobile gear by visiting stores and trying to find the next big thing. I literally wasted untold hours doing the "let's see what's new" thing.

Then came Amazon and everything changed. Now I rarely, maybe just a few times a year, go into stores to check out new gear. I can find out everything I want to know about gadgets in five minutes on the Amazon web site, and conclude the search with a simple purchase if desired. Amazon Prime gets anything to my door in two days tops, and without charge. One-click buying is now my primary method for acquiring gear and accessories for whatever I might be looking for.

Amazon has impacted my favorite hobby in an even greater fashion. I have always been a voracious reader, and since the launch of the Kindle and its ecosystem everything has changed for me. The ability to read virtually any book on any mobile device I own is liberating. Having Amazon keep track of my bookmark and open the current book I am reading at the proper spot on any gadget is the tech that most regularly touches me.

Even greater than the convenience Amazon brings to my reading is what it does for my shopping for books. In just a few minutes, either on gadgets or online through a browser, I can peruse thousands of titles that might interest me. I can find just the right book in any genre, and with one click not only buy the book but have it pushed to my default reading gadget. The next time I open the Kindle app there it sits, flagged as a new book for my convenience.

On top of outstanding online resources, Amazon knows retailing better than any other company. This is evident regularly in email I receive from the company recommending things that actually interest me. These recommendations are based on my continuing patronage, and frequently are things that indeed catch my eye. On visits to Amazon online I am also presented items of possible interest, unobtrusively so they don't get in my way. Amazon learns from me and makes future shopping visits better for me.

There is not a single company that has impacted my life more than Amazon this year, and that will surely keep happening in the future. The company keeps adding goods and services that interest me, and makes it easy for me to discover them, buy them, and then consume them. At my leisure, 24/7. It is no wonder brick and mortar retail is on the ropes.

Topics: Mobility, Amazon

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  • Amazon may lose more of its secret sauce

    [i]The company that is touching most of our lives most deeply this year is Amazon.[/i]

    You mean, the company that is touching most of our [i][u]pocketbooks[/u][/i] most deeply this year. ;)

    But yeah, they're good. Appears they may have no choice but to throw in the towel on the sales tax front though, after the stiff-arming they received from the Golden State earlier this year. Poor Chapter Nine California, struggling to maintain its two-nation welfare empire.

    Let's see how well Amazon holds up once they get stiffed by more state houses. Having to rely on the Feds as their last out and "defending champion" on a proposed all-state internet tax plan ("national solution") is a scary, if not futile, thought.
    • RE: Most impactful company in 2011: Amazon

      Their prices are generally very good, as is their customer services but they're just one of many online retailers. That may change in 2050 when the Kindle Fire gets released to Europe but for now, I only use them to buy the odd DVD or Blu-ray.

      Of tech firms, Facebook and Google have had a bigger impact on my life this year.
  • "Impactful"??

    "Impactful"? Seriously? In a publication which claims be a journalistic endeavour complete with editors you are actually using the non-word "impactful"?
    • RE: Most impactful company in 2011: Amazon

      • RE: Most impactful company in 2011: Amazon

    • Word Facism

      A man infinately smarter than you by the name of Richard Feynman put it most succinctly when he said to a pedantic French tutor who was castigating his students for poor pronunciation, "Did you know what they were trying to say?". When the tutor said, "of course." Feynman pointed out that the purpose of language is communication, it is not an end in and of itself. Every single word in every language on Earth has its first utterance, its invention. A static language would probably just consist of one utterance, "ug", which just about sums up to limit of your intellect.
      • RE: Most impactful company in 2011: Amazon

        @allis0 ...sorry to disagree, but your theory would make ebonics a "real" language...& it ain't!
  • [dup deleted]

    [dup deleted]
  • RE: Most impactful company in 2011: Amazon

    For some, maybe. Personally, I haven't given Amazon a dime all year long. I think I may have purchased some DVD's from them last year or maybe the year before. This isn't necessarily that I'm avoiding Amazon ... I'm not ... I just don't consider them my primary choice of purchasing. I like to have my hands on a product before I buy it. I like to touch and feel and make sure that it is really what I want before I spend. There are some exceptions to that, obviously, but I rarely buy online because of that.
  • RE: Most impactful company in 2011: Amazon

    Armed with an credit card, prime membership, and a UPS delivery guy that knows you by name, I do not believe there is any better shopping experience! I didn't wait it a single shopping line this holiday season and it was marvelous!!
  • RE: Most impactful company in 2011: Amazon

    I'll bet 80% of my online purchases are from Amazon. With the prime option, I get whatever I buy for free in 2 days (many times the next day due to proximity to the warehouse), with no tax. They may not stock everything in the world, but dang near. I've even found a washing machine part that came the next day. The freebies are the Amazon videos, and the free kindle books I read on my smart phone. I loooove Amazon.
  • Amazon is amazing!!

    I live on Chile. On my building I see AZ boxes everyday. I have made about 12 purchases only this year. They are giving local's retailers a run for their money!!!. Cheaper by airmail than local... Better quality, faster delivery and top notch customer service.
    Thank you Jeff Bezos!!!
  • Impactful?!!! Jesus put down his OED and wept.

    Impactful?!!! Jesus put down his OED, wept and sadly added another gem to his Compendium of Butt Ugly Words.
  • Kindle Fire Impacting Me Alright...

    It appears that hundreds if not thousands of Kindle Fire users are suffering from this:
  • RE: Most impactful company in 2011: Amazon

    um - it is in the oxford dictionary
    • RE: Most impactful company in 2011: Amazon

      @kspear@... shows how "sillyful" those Oxfordians are, does it not?
  • Kindle Fire is Now a Windows 7 Tablet.

    Over the holiday weekend I downloaded the "Splashtop Remote Desktop" to my Kindle Fire which was 99 cents and then did the same plus the "Splashtop Streamer" on my PC (free). Over my own network the delay is almost non-existent, I haven't tested it to see how it will perform when I connect from the internet, but I don't foresee it to be bad. I was amazed that it streamed the audio directly to my Kindle Fire and that I can either turn off or on the audio for my home PC with just a change of the settings. It's like I am sitting in front of my home computer from anywhere in the house, plus it even gives me the option of having the Kindle Fire operate like a second monitor. AWESOME
  • RE: Most impactful company in 2011: Amazon

    You've got to love the word Nazis. They just zap the life out of you. I'm sure what I just wrote is grammatically incorrect. ;)
  • Outside of the US

    I would say the impact of Amazon in everything other than selling physical product is negligible. Fewer Kindle models are offered, and often are crippled compared to US versions of the product. There's no Fire anywhere outside the US.

    Amazon may seem like a really big thing in the US, insofar as tech goes... but outside the walled garden of the USA, Amazon doesn't even really seem to be trying.
  • I can't even read the article...

    I don't care whether it's in the newest dictionary or not, "impactful" simply is not an acceptable word. What exactly would it mean? Having "impact"? Full of "impact"? How about "influential" in this sense? Much more appropriate.

    See these links...

    One could use the argument that any word could be appended with "-ful" & become a new word - "stupidful" - full of stupidity; "knowledgeful" - full of knowledge, just to coin a couple for you.